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I won’t try to catch up on the last several years of not blogging just now.  I will, instead, jump into Mel’s #MicroblogMonday and hope that this jump-starts me back into blogging in general.  I just got back from a long trip to Cape Canaveral to see my father, which included a side trip to Orlando to visit Cinderella and Magic Kingdom (all that was by myself with the kids – then Seth flew in to help with the last leg) and a drive home so we could stop in North Carolina for the bar mitzvah of the son of Seth’s friend of over 30 years.  While in NC, I met my 6th cousin 3 times removed, and had a lovely reunion with my former high school orchestra director, which I found to be truly inspiring and was perhaps the true highlight of my trip.  I will write more about meeting up with Scott in my practice blog when I’ve had some more time to process the visit.  It’s so good to be home again, as I definitely pushed myself beyond my capacity and have long since run out of spoons, but I’m so grateful that I was able to take the kids on the trip.  It was a terrific experience for them, with many beautiful photo ops, and wonderful opportunities to catch up with friends we haven’t seen in ages.

Now for the recovery.  The kids start school on Wednesday, though, so I need to spend the next two days cracking the whip and getting them to write those summer book reports on the books they were supposed to have read this summer….  (they DID read the books.  They just didn’t write the book reports!).

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