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Ridiculous amounts of TMI ahead.  Don't want TMI?  Then don't read it!
This cramping and bleeding thing?  It has GOT to stop.  I mean, I'm all for the fact that I now know there's a reason for it.   And I'm all for the fact that it's not a life-threatening or pregnancy-threatening condition.  But for heaven's sake, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH already! 
Every time I over do it even the teeniest bit, it's like the dam breaks and the cramping blows up to disproportionate amounts and the whole world feels like it's ending.  For something that's "no big deal" this subchorionic shmorionic hemawhatever is COMPLETELY ANNOYING.
Thank heavens that everything really is fine and the fetbryo looks great and it's all good.  I have to keep remembering that.

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