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WTF Universe???

I do my best to (almost) never curse in my blog.  Not because I don’t have a mouth like a sailor, but because there’s something so permanent about it.  But seriously, WTF?

Our heat died last week on the day we got a few inches of snow (not a lot, but still, it was measurable, so that’s something and the point is the timing is lousy).  It’s fixed now, but now we need a new water heater… about $1100 minimum we’re told.  I was ready to fly to Florida today and Seth landed in the hospital with mysterious abdominal pain yesterday (he’s still there, but hopefully coming home today).  Tobie has a fever.

WHEN, oh WHEN will the universe give our house a BREAK?  I am so tired of this.  It’s not this year.  It was last year too.  Will 2011 be ANY better?????

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