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Update on ChezPerky

I’ve been pretty lousy about updating, but I should get back to it, so as usual, I’ll just dive right in.

My health hasn’t improved significantly, but it hasn’t gotten significantly worse, either.  I’ll take status quo.

Sam’s ASD diagnosis has solidified, but he’s doing really well and we’ve got a great support team.  He’s adorable and sweet, and we know he’ll do well in the long run.  We’ve been struggling a bit with his ADHD medications, which has actually not been a bad thing, because it gave his teachers an opportunity to see behaviors that we knew were there, but they didn’t.  It strengthened our argument at our IEP Planning meeting, so it ended up being good timing.  Lemonade out of lemons, or some such thing.  We are so lucky to have an amazing support structure in place for him and I couldn’t ask for a better kid, to be honest.  He’s sweet and kind, and full of love.  I wish we understood a little better what’s going on in his head, but who doesn’t wish that of their kids anyway?

Ellie is such a gem.  She’s excited to learn, wants to please everyone, and she’s generous and is extremely attached to Mommy and Daddy. She’s in the same Pre-K class with Abby, but had over a week in school without Abby when Abby was sick and THRIVED.  She was so excited to tell us all about everything that she did in school those days:  “Guess what I did in school WITHOUT ABBY Today!?” and “I had such a good time at school WITHOUT ABBY!” etc.  Uh, suffice it to say, we’ll be separating the girls’ classrooms next year!

Abby is also adorable.  She’s independent and unique, loves to make cards and pictures for people and is turning into quite the little artist (well, by a five year old’s standard…).  She just got diagnosed with “primary generalized epilepsy – absence type” because she’s been having pretty obvious absence seizures for over a year, but in the last few months, they’ve been occurring so frequently that they’re starting to interfere with her ability to make it through activities (at *least* 8-12 per day).  The neurologist was able to give  adfinitive diagnosis without an EEG (though we’ll still be doing an EEG) by provoking seizures in the office.  Apparently, you can provoke absence seizures by inducing hyperventilation (in a kid who’s already getting them).  Sure enough, she had three seizures right there in the office.  I didn’t love the doctor, but the PA was fantastic.  Another bit of our little adventure, right?  At least we’re never bored!

Tobie is simply precious.  And precocious.  She loves to dress up and pretend and have princess tea parties.  She likes do “Dance with my Daddy” whenever she can.  She’s snuggly and sweet and far too smart for her own good.  She’s also extremely opinionated.  She’s adorable and she knows it, which isn’t great.  She doesn’t like to settle for anything less than exactly what she wants, which is becoming quite a challenge.  Truthfully, she mostly gets what she wants- she’s pretty spoiled, I admit, but if you could see her and be around her, you’d know why!  She’s hard to resist.  Even my nanny who is VERY no nonsense (in a good, and loving, way) has a soft spot for Tobie.

Seth’s still working out of state and doing well with it, but we miss him.  His contract goes through June, and we don’t know what we’ll be doing after that, but I’m sure we’ll work it out.

Hopefully I’ll be better about updating from this point on so that I can update about real things instead of just catching up all the time.

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