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So, um, I’m kind of an idiot.

So last night I was seriously considering taking no meds for two days until tomorrow’s appointment and just throwing in the towel on this cycle. I meant it, too. But, as I said last night, I’m not a rebel. I’m a good girl who does what she’s told.

Unfortunately, I’m also a tired girl, who’s getting terrible headaches and therefore apparently can’t keep everything straight.

I just took my Follistim and my Luveris. But. Um. I forgot that I’d taken it at 6pm between getting home from one appointment and rushing off to my evening class. Originally I’d been planning to just wait until after the class because I didn’t think I’d have time (I didn’t really have time, but I’d managed to squeeze it in, since 6pm is my normal time to take it and I do hate to be off schedule).

I completely forgot I took it at 6pm and stuck to my original plan to take it after class. Um. Whoops?

So my husband’s a pharmacist, so I’m sitting there thinking that maybe he can impart some words of wisdom, or at least comfort. Maybe he can tell me that I’m not going to grow an eleventh toe or a third head (wait, um, how many heads do I have?), or turn purple with green spots because of this.

“So I did something really bad.”
“You saw me take my meds just now?”
“I also took them at six.”
*stifling a laugh, badly, I might add*
“Wow, your head must hurt like a motherf*cker.”
“Yeah, um, thanks hon.”

Given that overly empathetic response, and the obvious professional concern he had for my physical well-being, I can only assume that I will not die a gruesome death from this error on my part.


Now all I have to figure out is whether to own up to my error to the doc tomorrow…

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