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Wait, does Lupron make you beyond exhausted?


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You’ll be happy to know my husband and I have kissed and made up, so to speak. We’re all good. I no longer think he’s the devil, though he probably thinks I am. Meh.

In less happy news, these headaches are killers. They suck. Seriously. LJ’s right – Forget torture devices, Lupron should be used to get international spies to break.

Man this sucks.

7:45am appt. for monitoring tomorrow. My so-called “Lupron Evaluation.” This time to ensure that, for once, my ovaries are NOT perky. This will be a switch. Fun!

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Okay, Really? Is all this emotion really necessary? Like the estrogen in the BCPs wasn’t bad enough? I cried all day Monday, Tuesday, and most of Wednesday. My nurse pretty much said I could blame that on the estrogren in the pill. Whee! Hopefully, she said, things would be better on Lupron. I started Lupron Wednesday. Now, honestly? I don’t feel any different on the Lupron (not so much with the crying, though, which is good). I feel completely normal. But my husband sure can’t stop screwing up. And can it seriously ALL be him? (I mean, sure, it COULD be – but since he’s a damn near PERFECT husband most of the time, I am going to pretend for ONE second that maybe, JUST maybe this could be the Lupron talking here – okay, now I’m done giving him any slack, yeah, it’s all him and he’s just a big old poopy head).

Anyway, we’ve been fighting since Thursday. And I will say, he started it and it was all his fault that we started fighting. But honest to murgatroid, in the six+ years that we’ve been married we have never had a fight that’s lasted this long. Ever. I am quick to anger, but VERY quick to get over it (he’s the opposite of me – very, very slow to anger, but takes a while to cool down). Now, he did say something to me that crossed a line, but the fact that I’m still not over it is a little ridiculous. And I’m sitting here telling myself to get the eff over it and yet? Not over it.

And hey, remember how I said I don’t feel any different on the Lupron? I totally lied. I’ve got this ridiculous headache that won’t go away. It’s not a migraine. Migraines I can handle. It’s this dumb sharp pain that … I don’t even know how to describe it. It feels like it’s slicing diagonally through my head. I don’t like it. Probably that is not helping my mood either.

I do not like being cross.

I do not like being whiny.

I do not like being so damn irritable and irrational.

I do not like that I can’t just talk myself out of this one.

For the love of ALL that is holy, when is this going to stop?? Those of you who’ve been through an IVF cycle before… please clue me in. (Note that when I start stims, my Lupron dose will not be going down… it’s staying at 20 units, but I’m not sure for how long… and then, of course, night of egg retrieval, I start estrace, so MORE ESTROGEN YAY!, and oh boy won’t those PIO injections be fun??)

Hey, imagine if I’m still screaming at my husband when I have to start trusting him to be jabbing me with a 1 1/2 inch 22 guage needle in the ass? Oh yeah. I think I’d better go make nice with him. NOW.

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Turns out, my nurse had emailed me a protocol and Lupron start date… oh… Friday and Saturday. And she’d updated it on Monday. Turns out, I was supposed to have started the Lupron on Monday. Whoops.

See, and I hadn’t wanted to be a big pest about it, even though on Friday she had said she was going to definitely work on the protocol and email it to me and sure had make it sound like she was going to have it that day. I just figured that she was getting push back from the doctor or the clinic calendar or something. And I feel like I pester her enough, so I hadn’t wanted to keep bugging her.

Well, it turned out she’d been spelling my email address wrong, but it hadn’t been bouncing back to her, so some other perky chick is getting emails about IVF protocols from some random nurse at Ye Olde Fertility Clinic wondering what the *bleeping bleep* this is all about!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I was supposed to have started Lupron on Monday. Um, whoops? That’s okay, there was no frickin’ way I could have picked up my drugs on Monday anyway. Monday was a cluster-*bleep* of a day, the worst possible of Mondays, and I was a total, blubbering mess, incapable of coping with life. (Hey! It turns out, that’s thanks to the estrogen in the pill… isn’t it going to be fun when I start taking estrace at egg retrieval time?? Whee!)

So I’m going to take the Lupron as soon as I get home (was supposed to be this morning). Then I’ll take it around noon tomorrow. And Friday I’ll take it in the AM on schedule. This will get me back on schedule. And Friday will be the last day I have to take this God-forsaken BCP. The thing I’m REALLY bitter about is that if I’d known I was to start Lupron on Monday, TONIGHT would be my last BCP!! Gah.

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Seriously, if BCP’s make me this unstable, imagine how much fun I’ll be when I start Lupron! Whee!

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Metformin? Sucks.

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