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I had my mock embryo transfer. I now have a mock embryo on board. I will love him, and hug him, and call him George. I hope he will grow into a perfect little mock fetbryo some day.

But seriously, folks. It turns out, I still have a uterus. Go figure. And ovaries. And hey! My ovaries? They’re stiiiiiiill perky! Who knew? And I once again got called meshuga by SuperDoc. He told the nurse who was there that I wanted to put back 5 embryos, but he talked me down to 4. Yeah. Something like that.

Anyway, if I can get my test results transfered over to Ye Olde Fertility Clinic from The Hatchery right quick, I should be able to get this show on the road really quickly. It’s incredible how quickly YOFC moves.

I didn’t ask SuperDoc about not doing the Lupron protocol – Dr. McB at The Hatchery was planning on using an antagonist protocol instead of a Lupron protocol to avoid OHSS. Dr. McB’s belief is that Lupron is partly responsible for OHSS issues in patients with my profile. I thought about mentioning this theory to SuperDoc, but he is confident that he can keep my risk under control, and I am confident in his experience, and I don’t feel like playing back-seat-doctor in his office right now. I am all set to start Lupron as soon as the doc gives the go ahead, which will be as soon as I have my pap smear, ID blood work, and HSG report all sent over from The Hatchery. Whoo Hoo.

Oh, and I confirmed financials with the insurance company last night. No preauthorization required. SuperDoc is an authorized in-network doctor, so I can just go ahead and do whatever I want. Copay is ridiculous – $40 per visit, $1500 coinsurance for the IVF, etc. But it could be much, much, much worse. I could have no coverage at all. Drug coverage is $50 per prescription, so my nurse is going to call in a LOT of medication, rather than making me get refills as I go along. I love her. 🙂

That is all. Love to all, from the perky one.

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