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I’m unique.  That’s what I am.  A very, very special snowflake.

Apparently, my nurse has never seen the clinic allow someone with such a clearly dominant single follicle push through a cycle.  They always cancel and/or convert to IUI.

But not me.  They’re letting me push through.  SuperNurse said she’s really excited because she’s always been curious to see what would happen if someone pushed through a cycle with a single dominant follicle, but multiple smaller follicles.

I don’t like being the exception.  It does not give me warm fuzzies; it makes me nervous.  I think I might cry.

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…for IUI.  That’s what I am.  When I was doing IUI cycles, I was nearly always a perfect candidate for IVF.  I had lots and lots and lots of follicles and rarely a dominant follicle.  Now that I’ve been doing these IVF cycles, I am having a hard time growing follicles, but I nearly always have a dominant follicle.

Seriously, I asked SuperDoc, what is up with that? “Well,”  he responded patiently, as if he was talking to a second grader, “we’ve seen your ovaries go through this transition of sorts.  And ironically -”

“Should we consider converting to IUI?”

“Well, it’s certainly an option, but as long as your other follicles are still growing, we’re just going to ignore that perfect, enormous, dominant follicle of yours.”

On Sunday I had a 15mm follicle and 13 other follicles.

Today I have a perfect 18mm follicle and 4 other viable follicles and 2 other tiny, itty bitty, teeny weeny, wimpy little stragglers that, well, they’re a little embarrassing, frankly.  But we’ll count them.   For a total of 7 (but really… 5, if we’re being totally honest here – and let’s not forget the fact that we’re going to lose that 18mm one because it’ll be overmature come retrieval time, so we’re actually looking at probably…4).


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Here’s the update from this morning’s monitoring…

E2 was 181, so nice rise there. Good sign. Keep same doses and return to office on Tuesday morning.

I’m not sure what to think, to be honest. My doctor was there today, but wasn’t in the monitoring room when I had my U/S (he was doing a procedure, I’m told), so I didn’t get his direct take. He’s usually pretty straight with me when I talk to him directly. But I talked with a nurse I don’t know and I didn’t bother to ask her anything other than for the directions written in my file, which were pretty straightforward since there were no changes so far.

Well, you know? My two crappiest IUI cycles resulted in pregnancies. So who’s to say that my dreadful opinion of how this is starting has any bearing whatsoever on how this will turn out?

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All that Follistim, and you’d think I’d have some mighty perky ovaries today, wouldn’t you. Try to at least consider living up to my original blog title, maybe? After all, my ovaries used to be perky all on their own without any help from Follistim/Luveris, etc.

But … not so much.

My right ovary had only one measurable follicle – 14mm. 3, maybe 4 smaller follicles that weren’t worth measuring yet.

My left ovary was a little better, but not much, with a 16, 14, and 11, and again 3-4 smaller follicles that weren’t worth measuring yet.

So with 900 IUs of Follistim and 225 units of Luveris in me (total over three nights), I’m not feeling like this is getting the brilliant response originally predicited. This was supposed to be easy, remember? Or, as easy as IVF ever is (I get that it’s never “easy” but I think you know what I mean). SuperDoc’s predictions in January were that this would be a snap. But… so far, this has been nothing but unpredictable.

I’m … tired.

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Thanks to all for all your kind thoughts and well wishes. I’m fine. The decision to cancel this cycle was a mutual decision between my doctor and myself. He would have been okay with pushing forward if that’s what I had insisted upon, but that’s not a position I want to be in, especially with coverage running out with my insurance.

Several of you said it seemed so sudden given how well things seemed to be going… but that seems… odd to me, because the thing is that nothing had gone quite right yet. My Lupron Evaluation wasn’t where they really would have wanted it, with my estrogen nearly double what it should be (mine was 89 vs. optimal should be under 50), but they let me go ahead anyway because it just seems to be what I do these days.

Sunday’s monitoring appointment was… okay, but not brilliant. Four measurable follicles? (and a bunch of others that weren’t measurable yet.)When supposedly the greatest risk for me with IVF is OHSS? Last cycle after a few monitoring appointments, I had what looked to be four, maybe five follicles that were promising (but also a definite lead follicle that they were going to let fall off) and several others that had some possibility of catching up. We ended up with 10 in the end, but nothing to freeze after an eSET. The goal with this cycle was to have increased the medications such that I would have a much more significant response with the stim cycle and have 14-15 follicles growing from the start (no more than that). That would have given us more to work with.

So when I went in on Tuesday for more monitoring, I had 5 measurable follicles, and while they were definitely growing – there weren’t any others to be seen. Five. And while I tried to push my anxiety aside, knowing that I’m not the doctor and I didn’t have all the information in front of me… five isn’t… what we were looking for. I usually had more than that at this point in an IUI cycle and this is usually where they started talking about whether or not some were going to behave and drop off or whether I was going to have to cancel my IUI cycles. And that was on 1/3 of the doses of Follistim (but no Lupron).

I typed a long, long, long, long post to finish this all off…. and lost it. As I highlighted the post to copy it to the clipboard before posting it (just in case), it disappeared. This was as far as blogger saved it. I frickin’ hate blogger. I’m not going to try and reconstruct the whole thing. I’ll give you the cliffs notes version.

SuperDoc called me in the afternoon. Never a good sign when it’s the doctor that calls rather than my nurse. I told him so and he agreed. He said that he’d been hoping some of the smaller follicles from Sunday would have caught up, but they’ve disappeared, and we’re left with 4, maybe 5, if we’re lucky. Last time we had the same thing at this point and we got 10, but he said last time was a slightly different situation where we were seeing 4-5 plus a bunch of smaller ones and I had a definite lead follicle that they just let fall away. This time I have a maybe lead follicle, but possibly not, and no smaller follicles anymore. Odds aren’t looking so good that I’d have another 10 follicle retrieval in this case. Plus, the goal had been to get a 14-15 follicle growth cycle this time, and we’re not there.

That being said, SuperDoc wasn’t jumping to cancel. Yet. He said with this cycle, he’d give me a 30% chance of pregnancy. If we’d gotten the optimal cycle he’d been hoping for, he’d give me closer to 50% chance, and he didn’t think that differential necessarily warranted cancelling in and of itself. He said he didn’t want to test my patience by cancelling again after having already had one failed IVF and one cancelled cycle. But… to me, that’s not a good enough reason to move forward. So although he was leaving it up to me, I ultimately left the decision up to him. I wanted him to make whatever decision he felt was the right decision, medically. And he said that if I was giving him a mandate to maximize the possiblity of success, particularly given that I have only two cycles covered under my insurance left, he felt that the best thing to do would be to cancel. So that’s what we did.

As for moving forward….

I took the hCG trigger Tuesday night with dire warnings not to have unprotected intercourse, lest I end up with twins (or worse). Got it. I should expect my period in 2 weeks or so. I will start a 21 course of birth control pills (whoopie). I will start 20 units of Lupron on Day 19 and will continue with 20 units of Lupron after I start stims. I’ll take 225 units of Follistim and 75 units of Luveris.

I told him I wasn’t trying to play “back seat patient” but wanted to know whether there would be any advantage to trying the antagonist protocol.. He said no. He would use Ganirelex if he absolutely had to, but that in my case he believed that it would, in fact, put me at a disadvantage. He believes it would produce a worse cohort of follicles and would give far less control over the cycle. Though it may be testing everyone’s patience, he assured me that they are learning more and more with each cycle that passes with me. The problem is that they are walking a very fine line with my “goldilocks ovaries”… too much and I’ll hyperstim, too little and… well, I get cancelled, because it’s just not worth doing all this for so little again. But hyperstimming isn’t anyone’s goal – the last thing anyone wants is to see me in the hospital getting liters of fluid removed from my abdomen, right? Of course right. So caution is good in this case.

By the way, he took me being a back seat patient really well. I prefaced my question with a big huge caveat about not questioning his knowledge and that I would NEVER bring it up if … well, anyway, so he said to please feel comfortable asking anything I wanted and I did ask about the antagonist protocol and he gave me his very thorough answer (which I’ve only paraphrased here). And I told him that was totally fine and I reiterated that I was NOT trying to be a back seat patient and he said, “It’s absolutely fine. When I’m 0 for 2, it’s a perfectly justifiable time to ask if a different approach would be appropriate. But I do think that as long as you think that your patience isn’t being tested to much and you think you can hang in there for a bit, we are getting there.”

And I believe him.

I just.

You know, this IVF thing was supposed to be “easy.” I was supposed to be doing the IVF thing not because nothing else worked, but because IUI worked…. too well. And… now I’ve had one failed cycle in which not a whole lot went right aside from a retrieval that went a million times better than we expected. I’ve had one cycle that got cancelled before I even got to stims. And one cycle that got cancelled after stims, but before retrieval. This was supposed to be “bada-bing, bada-boom, you’re pregnant.”

But now? Now I’m the interesting patient he uses as an illustration to his interns and fellows (no, really! I’m serious!). I don’t want to be interesting. I want to be textbook boring.

Since I started my original IVF#2, nearly all of my original cycle buddies on cyclesista have finished their cycles and gotten their results (many of them BFPs!). And in that space of time… I’ve had two cancelled cycles. Heh. Well, just time to move on to the next one, right? In about five weeks.

Now what to call the next IVF… IVF #2 (take 3)? Or just scrap it all together and call the next one IVF#3?

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Well, it turns out reverse psychology works! What the heck? I have never, ever in my entire life had a period without at least one day of completely debilitating cramps the day before, and typically for the six-to-eight hours before it appears I am in total agony. So I knew with absolute certainty when I typed my post at 1:30am that there was no possibility that my period was going to arrive any time soon. Right? Of course right.

Except that she arrived at 7am.


So I shouldn’t be complaining, right? Of course right. I’ll make my CD2 appt. for tomorrow. (CRAP, my kids have appointments at 7:30 tomorrow morning. DAMMIT! Sigh. Whatever. We’ll work it out.) And that will mean they’ll want me back… (let’s see, Wed … plus three, carry the two divide by the square root of 17…) Saturday. FANTASTIC. They’ll probably let me hold off until Sunday. I hope.

Which will still probably mean me being back in the clinic on the last days of Passover, but it can’t be helped and I just… don’t care right now.

Edited to add: Hey, the lack of cramps could be related to the copious amounts of pain medicine I’ve been taking… except that pain medicine usually doesn’t help anyway. Hmmm. Anyway, it’s now 8am and the cramps are here to make up for lost time. This is going to be a *fun* day. Whee!

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No Sign of AF

So per my tentative cycle schedule given to me by my nurse, I should have been expecting my period around, oh… today. (er, wait, it’s now tomorrow… so what I meant by today was Monday, just so I’m clear) And if not Monday, then definitely Tuesday. But I’m not having any of the telltale signs that my period is imminent, so I’m thinking Tuesday’s out, also.

It’s weird. Because the one thing that’s been very, very predictable since my pregnancy has been my period. And now? Nothing. Despite having most definitely ovulated two weeks ago. And I must say, this delay is putting quite the wrench in my plans. This is most definitely going to mean a trip to Ye Olde Fertility Clinic during Pesach and/or Shabbos, which is not thrilling. I am not pleased. This does not make me happy.

Of course, it will only mean a trip to YOFC if it ever shows up at all. Which, you know, maybe it won’t. Becaue this is ME.

Everything else is going wrong right now. Why shoudn’t this go wrong?

Oh, right. Someone asked what the deal is with Passover and kitchens. Right. I don’t really have time to explain, because mine is in dissarray and I only have a matter of hours left until it needs to be totally in order again… but… for Passover, we turn over our entire kitchen… we use entirely different dishes, pots, sponges, etc. We cover all of our cooking and eating and preparation surfaces. We clean our sinks thoroughly and even pour boiling water in them to ensure any traces of chometz (leavened food) are gone. We kasher our ovens by bringing them up to extreme temperatures (either by running them on self clean cycles after leaving them empty for at least 24 hours, or by using a blow torch (literally). We lock up all of our normal every-day utensils and bring out utensils that we only use for this week of the year. We close all of our pantries and pack away all of the chometz. We buy special food. We clear our refrigerators and clean them thoroughly and fill them with only kosher-for-passover foods. We don’t eat any leavened foods (chometz) or any foods that have come in contact with leavened foods.

In short? We are insane.

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  • Trigger shot tonight.
  • Bloodwork in a week to check my P4 (you know, to make sure I actually DID ovulate. Because with 10,000 units of hCG in my system, you know, I might not. Because this is ME!).
  • Start Lupron April 1 (April Fool’s, anyone?)
  • Expect period… oh, around April 6th or 7th.
  • Probably return for Lupron Evaluation around April 8th.

Er, at least we think.

What doesn’t jive is that SuperDoc had said something about there being three weeks involved somewhere. But my nurse doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about. So for the moment, she’s going with the theory that I’m starting Lupron April 1 (this part we’re clear on) and then waiting for my period and doing a new LE and getting this show on the road.

Um, except Passover starts the night of April 8th. So… starting stims April 8th? Not the best timing…


And now I need a new label… do I call this upcoming cycle IVF#2 again since well, IVF#2 never actually came to fruition? Do I call it IVF#2.5 since it’s not quite exactly the first time I started out trying that cycle? Do I call it IVF#3 which seems disingenuous since I never made it to the IVF part of IVF#2? Help!

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Not to be confused with “Closer to Fine”.

My lining, she is not wafer thin – she is 10.1mm and I have a lovely 18.6 follicle. Or maybe it’s a cyst. But it’s probably a beautiful follicle. We’ll see what my estrogen is, but either way, it probably means triggering tonight and starting Lupron again in 9 days.

Dr. C. was covering monitoring today. I told him that the last time I saw him was when he was standing there, mouth agape while M (sonographer extraordinaire) was telling me there were three in there. “Oh my, was I the one who gave you that news?” Yep. Well, no. It was actually M. But yeah. He was the doc that day. And actually, I’ve seen him since, but I think only in passing. We had a lovely little chat and I showed off pictures of my kids.

And, of course, I delivered sour cream chocolate chip poundcake. Because I rock.

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