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My kids have reached an age where everything is fun to play with – even things that aren't toys.  They love to open drawers and dump things out of them.  I have drawers and drawers and drawers filled with cloth napkins (I have a "thing" against paper napkins – don't ask me why, but I hate them, so I have dozens, maybe hundreds, of cloth napkins), and one of Ellie's favorite past times is opening the drawers and flinging the napkins (and tablecloths, for that matter) all over the living room. 

They dump their blocks, books, toys, shoes, clothes, food, diapers, everything all over the place.  There is nothing more fun and exciting than taking something that was neatly piled and flinging it across the room and scattering it wildly about.  Especially if Mommy is there to clean it up so they can scatter it about right behind her. 

So imagine my delight when my Programming Co-chair for our Parents of Multiples Club suggested a few months ago that we have a program on Staying Organized with Multiples.  Of Course!  Brilliant!  Our speaker tonight was herself a mother of twin girls, and a Professional Organizer.  She had a lot of great suggestions for organizing both your physical space and your time.  I was delighted to discover that many of the things she suggests are things that I already implement in my daily life.  My downfall, simply, is consistency.  I get caught up with too many things on my to-do list and don't always stay consistent with my ability to always do the things she suggests.  I also, simply, get overwhelmed with the clutter in my house.  Since having kids the sheer amount of *stuff* in my house has increased exponentially. 

Today, the J-man's teacher asked if I'd seen something she'd sent home a few weeks ago.  I hadn't, as J tends to take things out of his backpack before I can get to it.  I came home from tonight's meeting on Staying Organized inspired to sort through some junk in order to find that item.  And sort through the junk, I did!  Why, I was a complete overachiever!  I cleaned off the dining room table, cleaned the sunroom, threw out a dozen magazines that I haven't gotten around to reading and I'll probably never get around to reading, sorted through all the school stuff that's come home in J's backpack that I hadn't gotten a chance to look at, put a bunch of baby clothes away (someone had given us a box of clothes for the girls that had been sitting in our sunroom waiting for me to get to), cleared off two shelves on a bookshelf so that I could use it for easy accessibility for toddler toys instead of my books, cleaned out a cabinet full of old materials from a banquet I'd worked on a couple years ago, put away a couple boxes of toys I'd weeded through a couple weeks ago, but hadn't actually put away yet, cleaned up the living room, cleaned off the dining room table, cleaned up J's bedroom floor, found three missing pacifiers, filed away some papers, and threw out a bunch of junk.  Oh, and I got J's backpack ready for school for tomorrow.   Go me.  (Oh, and I *did* find the thing J's teacher asked me about… eventually)

I.  Was.  Productive.


Seth came home in the midst of this and said, "So, I guess you decided to find out where we had some extra space laying around?" and I said, "I bet you'll never guess what tonight's program was on?"

And you know?  There's more to do (there's always more to do, isn't there?), but it's a great start, and now at least I know one thing is down. 

At least until Ellie pulls all the napkins out of the drawers again…

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You guys don’t give me enough credit.  Several of you have pointed out that my bin system of organization just won’t last as soon as the babies get their grubby little paws on them.  But hello?  Don’t you realize I can outsmart a 10 month old? 

The bins that are within the triplets’ reach have diapers and towels in them.  These are easily re-stockable and re-foldable, and re-doable.  These do not require serious reorganization if they are dumped out (so far, by the way, my triplets haven’t shown the least bit of interest in the bins).  The bins with clothes on them are on shelves that are at MY eye level.  Now, I realize that I’m pretty darned short (five foot nuthin’), but I do believe I’m a bit taller than my 3 ten month olds, unless you stack them one on top of another, but they’re not that good at balancing… yet.

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We had a busy weekend, including having my grandfather visiting, having his dog with him, my mother in law’s cat here for the weekend, 13 people for dinner Friday night, an Emergency Room visit for Seth Saturday evening (nothing’s broken, but 14 xrays later, a sprained ankle, a sprained knee, and a bruised ego, and his prognosis is that he’ll be fine, though he might take as much as 6 weeks to feel totally normal again – no getting out of baby duty though), meeting up with some triplet mamas for coffee Sunday morning (me and two babies – more on that in another post), a trip to the aquarium for J with Grammy and Great Grandpa on Sunday, and a shopping trip to The Container Store for Seth, me and the triplets. You see, now that the babies are mobile, they have been messing with my system. Specifically, my system for organizing baby clothes. SuperNanny also messes with my system. I have a system for putting away the baby clothes on the two shelves below the changing table in the nursery. But SuperNanny, for all her super-ness, can’t seem to figure it out. She doesn’t fold clothes neatly, and doesn’t seem to put clothes in logical places (I put all the PJs together, all the onesies together, all the dresses together, etc. … she? does not). The babies also do not fold clothes neatly and do not put clothes in logical places. They, in fact, have taken to UNfolding clothes and dumping them all over the floor. So I can no longer completely blame SuperNanny for the disarray that the clothes are in. I could blame, her, I suppose, but it would be counterproductive. I didn’t take a before picture, but if I had, it would look something like this: Now that we’ve made a trip to The Container Store, and I have spent several hours going through the rubble, it looks more like this: And this: I feel much better now. We’ll see how long it lasts.

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