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better news

After several frantic phone calls to various folks at Shady Hell on Friday, knowing it was the end of the day and probably a useless endeavor, I finally got a call back from my nurse who, contrary to her voice mail message, had not yet left for the weekend and had been able to look into things since I gave the heads up that I was definitely there that morning.

Apparently my lab slip and tube of blood were found and somehow my test didn't get run. It was almost 4pm when the error was discovered (and wouldn't have been discovered in time had I not called). Although the lab staff was literally on their way out the door, they stayed for the half an hour it took to run my beta. Mistakes happen, for sure, but they handled it so well. They could easily have just told me they didn't discover the problem in time to fix it, that the equipment had been powered down, whatever. I would have still breathed a sigh of relief knowing at least that I wasn't losing my mind.

So the good news is the test was run. The better news is the fourth beta was 569.



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