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Sorry I didn't update on Friday; it was an extremely busy day at work and I didn't have the energy to update over the weekend.

Friday morning I had my ultrasound, two days shy of six weeks gestation. They were able to see the gestational sac, but weren't able to see a yolk sac, fetal pole, or heartbeat. None of that is surprising. My doctor is happy to have seen what she did see. She would have liked to see a yolk sac, but wasn't concerned that she didn't, and she hadn't expected a heartbeat and said that occasionally fetal poles are visible that early, but it's rare. Therefore, the news so far is good news and we'll know more at the second ultrasound. Next ultrasound is Friday, September 1.

Dr. T. said it was no problem to keep taking Allegra (and a good thing, too, because I was going to laugh very hard if she told me to stop it), but told me to ease up on the codeine. My husband (a pharmacist) can't figure out why she's squeamish about the codeine, but my guess is that it's a 1st trimester thing. Last week I had only one can of caffeinated Coke. Today I'm drinking a caffeinated Coke out of pure necessity. I feel okay about this. I admit that no caffeine would be better in the first trimester, but I think I've done really well with caffeine consumption. Most sources seem to suggest that keeping caffeine consumption under 300 mg/day is reasonable. A can of coke has about 60 mg of caffeine.

Friday after the ultrasound I came into work and had an extremely busy day. Thank heavens I had already finished all the cooking that had to be done for Shabbos. When I got home I realized I was spotting again and decided not to freak out. This has been happening in the evenings and I'm not sure why… maybe over exertion, I dunno. We had a lovely shabbos dinner with a houseguest and several other dinner guests. Saturday morning I woke up not feeling fabulous. I had been up much of the night coughing and sneezing (yay for allergies!) and woke up exhausted and queasy. I spent most of the day feeling a bit out of sorts.

Had a lovely "girls' night out" after Shabbos. There was much pregnancy talk, as one woman there had four kids, one had one kid, and one was pregnant with her first. Of course, I'm not spilling my beans just yet, so I had to keep my mouth shut, but I DID get some OB names… I found out who Julie sees and she happened to mention who another of our mutual friends saw during her pregnancy, which made me feel a lot better, since I was able to get some recommendations and honest opinions without having to suggest that I have a need for a doctor just yet.

Sunday I was completely and utterly exhausted. And hungry. Oh, so hungry! I don't believe I have ever experience hunger so pronounced in my entire life experience. I could absolutely not get enough to eat. I would eat a little bit, get full, and fifteen minutes later I was starving again. I ate every couple of hours, trying not to overeat throughout the whole day, but I know I completely blew it. I just could not stop the hunger pains. After two weeks of feeling queasy (probably from the prometrium), this was quite a change.

Today I am back to normal on the hunger front, but so ridiculously exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open, even as I'm typing this. Good thing I can touch-type, right?

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