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Ellie Bellie Ballerina

My beautiful, graceful girl hasn’t had a whole lot of firsts… she’s had a lot of lasts, actually. She was the last to get the okay to be discharged from the NICU (though they were all discharged on the same night). She was the last to come off a heart monitor. She was the last to stand. The last to crawl.

She was, however, the first to take a STEP! The very first to make that first move toward walking.

Oh my!

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Last week, you may recall, I met up with Kelly and Keira and had a nice afternoon with just us moms, which was just amazing. But something was lacking that afternoon. Was it the pitter patter of little feet? The shouts of our angels voices? Could it be the cacophony of our kidderoonies we were missing? Not in the least! What we were missing was the ever amazing Jessica! So this afternoon, Seth and I packed up our four kiddos and met Kelly and her three kiddos at Jessica’s house with her five little monkeys and we had a blast. No one told me that it was "wear a pink shirt day," and yes, I DO own other blouses, it was total coincidence that I was wearing that same green blouse again today. Or um, maybe it was just a sign that I need to do laundry? That could be it.

I accidentally took a 30 mile detour on my way to pick up some toys from another triplet mama, Kelli, because I’m a total dope, so we were late, but a good time was still had by all. I had never met Kelly’s Ian or Emma before, only Maddie, so it was a true joy to see all three of her triplets together. Jessica’s Evan was feeling under the weather, poor thing, so I felt badly for him, but with 12 kids all in one place, what were the odds that everyone would be feeling 100%?

Can you believe we managed to wrangle 12 kidderoonies in one house? That’s because we are all three supermamas. That’s us! Not only do we all leap tall buildings in a single bound, we all have sidekicks. Mine’s named Seth. Jessica’s is named Jon. And Kelly’s is named Mike. J Now we just need to make some capes. Wait! We can’t make capes until we make some logos! (Are any of you creative enough to make a logo for a bunch of triplet/twin mamas? I’m totally incapable of anything artistic like that)

Why, not only did we manage to entertain 12 children ranging in age from 11 ½ months to nearly 5 years old, we even managed to feed them all! I am always in awe of how Jess manages to pull this off with her own kids, and she is never phased with the addition of one, three, seven extra kids into the mix. Cut up a few extra grapes, make a few extra grilled cheese sandwiches, pull up a few extra high chairs / booster seats and next thing you know, there’s lunch for a whole gaggle of children! We had so many children, we couldn’t even fit them into one picture! (everyone had just come in from playing in the swimming pool so they were hanging out in their diapers – a perfect way to have an easy cleanup after lunch).

While the "big kids" played and ate lunch, my three little monsters ate their lunch and then played in the living room and had a grand old time:

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