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My SuperStars!

Img_2711_3   Ellie and Abby have been getting physical therapy through the county’s early intervention services since May because of fine and gross motor delays due to their prematurity.  Sam could have qualified, but barely, and it wasn’t worth it, so we didn’t pursue it.  Besides, the physical therapist was here with the girls, so if she spotted something wrong with Sam, she could easily address it with him, if necessary.  As it was, he was moving along at the same pace as the girls, so no intervention was necessary.

The girls did so well with their first few appointments that we quickly moved from weekly to bi-weekly appointments, and soonafter moved to monthly appointments.  At our August appointment, Abby was doing so well that the physical therapist suggested that we might consider discharging Abby at the September appointment if she continued to follow the same rate of development.  Ellie, though, she thought she’d like to continue monitoring for a little while.  When she saw Ellie in August, Ellie had *just* started crawling (literally *that* day) and was dragging one leg behind her consistently.  We were having a hard time figuring out whether there was something wrong with her leg, or if she just hadn’t quite figured out that there were two legs that she could use. 

We agreed that the physical therapist would come to this appointment armed with her assessment Img_2714_2 forms just to see where they fell on the developmental scales and we’d make a decision together about whether to continue with therapy for Abby.  But, we were certain, we’d probably have at least a few more months of monitoring with Ellie because of that darned leg.  She was also, at that point, the one baby not standing. 

Well, a lot can happen in a month!  Ellie not only crawls…  Ellie has completely lost any sign of dragging that leg behind her.  Ellie not only stands… she stands up without pulling up on anything at all!   Ellie not only cruises …  she took two, count ’em, two steps in front of the physical therapist today!  In fact, Ellie tested out higher than Abby on both fine and gross motor skills.  Amazing.  Ellie tested at 11 months for fine motor and 12 months for gross motor.  Abby tested at 10 months for both!  Considering that they turn 12 months on Friday and that they’re 10 months adjusted, that’s absolute perfect for both of them!  (Since Sam isn’t receiving PT, he wasn’t tested, but he probably would have fallen around 11 months for fine motor and 12 months for gross motor- that’s my guess, anyway)

My little super stars have just done so well!  There are little things that they aren’t doing yet that we’d like them to be doing, but the bottom line is that they’ve been making positive progress all along and they are doing great.  No one is remotely worried.  The physical therapist did say she wouldn’t have discharged them if they weren’t still being seen by the special educator every week – this way they’ll still be monitoring their progress in case any concerns creep up over time, but for now – everything is perfect.

I know it’s illogical – because they’re just doing what babies do – but I’m just so proud of my little girls!   

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