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On Friday, I received two pieces of mail from Ye Olde Fertility Clinic. The first was a statement detailing my deposit due for IVF#3 (they call it IVF#4, interestingly). I had already paid the deposit that morning, but they couldn’t have known that when I put it in the mail, so no biggie.

The second piece of mail was slightly more annoying (and that’s saying a lot – because any piece of paper that’s more annoying than a piece of paper asking for a large sum of money? Well, that’s pretty annoying, don’t you think?)

It was my embryo disposition report from IVF#1… which was in Jan/Feb of this year! So just a lovely little reminder that:

I had… 10 eggs retrieved.
I had… 9 eggs fertilized normally.
I had… 0 eggs fertilized abnormally (e.g., with more than 1 sperm)
I had… 1 eggs unfertilized and discarded.
I had… 1 embryos transferred. [with zero resulting pregnancies]
I requested… All remaining embryos to be cultured and that any that reached the potentially viable blastocyst stage be cryopreserved.

And…. (drumroll please)

As a final result of embryo culture… 0 embryos were cryopreserved this cycle.

Presumably, that last line was the whole reason they sent this copy to me – since I didn’t have a copy that actually said that before, and I’d merely been told over the phone what the final result was (and it took several days for me to be told that result, too, btw).

Thanks for the reminder. It really… um… helped give me closure?


I wonder how long it will be before I get the embryo disposition report from my May/June cycle and I’ll get to be happily reminded of that hell of a transfer day with the evil doctor when I look at the embryo disposition report and see several signatures that aren’t mine, but are, instead the witnesses who signed in my place. Fun times to look forward to. Hopefully by the time I receive that report, it will be irrelevant and I won’t care, because I’ll just be happily pregnant.


I almost said that with a straight face.

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