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Last week, I met up with a bunch of Stirrup Queens (Mel, LJ, Murgdan, Barren, N, J… am I missing anyone?) for ice cream.  Since it fell on a Thursday, my typical day to get to see Barren, but also a day when I was feeling particularly antisocial, the lovely Ms. Barren convinced me that it would be good for me to get out and go hang out with these lovely ladies for the evening.  So hang out I did, and she was right, I had a lovely time, as I knew I would, antisocial status and all.  (Nothing against anyone else – I just get into my little funks and I have a hard time getting out of them and when I’m there, I get antisocial – don’t take it personally).

But after we finished ice cream and we were disbanding, I told Barren I’d drive her home (it’s not entirely altruistic, mind you, it’s a selfish way to get to spend quality 1-on-1 time with her, but don’t tell her that!  It can be our little secret, okay?).  But first she had to run over to the bookstore with me to pick up a book that my therapist wanted me to read called: Stop Walking on Eggshells which was located in the section on “Personality Disorders.”

While perusing the shelves in search of my book, I stopped short, because this is what we saw:

Infertility Personality Disorders

What I found particularly humorous was that there wasn’t just one fertility book there – that could have just been a filing error (but, um, hello?  That’s one HECK of a filing error!) – but there were two!  The Fertility Diet AND Taking Charge of Your Fertility!  (Now, admittedly, I so despise TCOYF that I think it kind of does belong in the “personality disorders” section… or at least maybe I belonged in the personality disorders section after having read it, but I’m sure that was a bit of an overreaction on my part. )

Well, I always knew we were a little bit crazy.  It’s all those hormones.  Or maybe just the waiting.  Or the stupid things people say to us.  Yes, I think it’s that last one.  Like, “Just relax” or “if you just stop thinking about it or adopt, you’ll get pregnant.”  Or “Have you tried propping your hips up?”

Yes, those things would give anyone a little bit of a personality disorder, don’t you think?


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Now that I’m all set up in my new home, I guess I ought to mention…

Ask and ye shall receive, I suppose.  All that whinging I did about my absent period must have done me some good, because it did arrive, and I have started my BCPs.  There won’t be any other suppression with this cycle, so I’ll just be going in for monitoring on August 11th, and starting stims on August 14th.  Currently, the projection is that retrieval will be August 25th and transfer will be sometime August 28-30th.  Retrieval and transfer dates are highly hypothetical at this point, of course.  Who knows if we’ll even get that far.

If we do get that far, I’m betting on a Day 3 transfer.  No bets on whether it’ll be a 1 or 2 embryo transfer – that’ll depend on embryo quality and whether the antagonist protocol changes anything in that department (I’m not counting on improved embryo quality).

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My new home

Okey dokey.  I think I’m all set up in my new home.   If you don’t have the password to my protected posts, email me.  I haven’t had time to put up a real post here – but I wanted to let everyone know that I’m still here and I do intend to keep posting.  Thanks everyone for hanging in there with me.

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