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Silver Lining

So, while I know that you all were absolutely convinced that I should switch OBs – I wasn’t so sure.  The issue I had was mostly with one of the triage nurses at the practice, but I have my reasons for liking the doctors (one in particular), and medically, they were giving sound medical advice.  I didn’t want to start all over again with a new practice, knowing that I’d probably have very similar issues even with a new practice.  Besides, after I explained my frustrations to Dr. R. on Tuesday, there was a huge improvement in how things were being communicated to me.

But, it’s a moot point.  Because they’ve taken it out of my hands:

Dear Ms. Perky,

We regret to inform you that our practice will no longer be able to provide medical services to you.  We feel you need to find a physician with whom you will have a more communicative relationship.

Our practice is available for emergency medical care only until 12/20/09, which is 30 days from the date of this letter.

We suggest you place yourself in the care of another physician without delay.  You may wish to contact the State Medical Society at the number or website listed below for assistance with selecting a new physician.

[insert contact information here]

We have enclosed a medical records release form with this letter.  You may mail or fax the completed form to our office.  There will be no charge for the medical records transfer.  Your medical records will be available in our office for the period of time required by law.


Drs. So and So, So and So, and So and So


You’d think this letter would have made my day.  After all, I wasn’t overly thrilled with them right now anyway, right?  But if they hadn’t fired me, I would have had time to wait until my perinatology appointment in less than two weeks before figuring out what to do about a new OB.  But I can’t be left without an OB for that long – I’m being followed by a home health agency, and they need a doctor to communicate to and to receive orders from.   But that hardly constitutes “emergency care” because it’s essentially maintenance care.

I don’t want to pick a new doctor without my perinatologists’ input, but if I call there, I won’t be able to talk to the doctors, I’ll be talking to the nurse who will just give me a name or two out of their files.  It is unlikely that I’ll be able to get an earlier appointment, since next week is Thanksgiving week, so I’m just going to have to wait.  But then – who do I tell the perinatologist to send my report to?  They can’t send it to my current OB because, again, that’s maintenance, not emergency care.

In an ideal world, I’d switch to a midwife – but I’m not a good candidate for a midwife.  So… I’m sort of stuck.

Finally, if I’d left on my own terms, I would have been able to come back for GYN visits after I delivered.  I no longer have that option.  I’ve had horrifically bad experiences with GYNs in the past and I had finally found a practice that I was comfortable with.

I know that the silver lining is that now I don’t have to agonize about whether to leave a practice that was rarely responsive and was completely inflexible in my care.  But it still smarts.  I hate it when people don’t like me.

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