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So I’m OB-less.  You know that.  But, of course, out of the goodness of their hearts* the practice “is available for emergency medical care only until 12/20/2009.”  So… what constitutes an emergency?

I mean, does the fact that I’m in excruciating pain right now and don’t know what my pain management options are constitute an emergency?  I’m guessing not, but I”m not certain.

So, if that’s not an emergency, does the horrific rash that is running up and down my whole arm and seems to get worse when I get a dose of IV Phenergan constitute an emergency?  I mean, it’s not life-threatening, so is it an emergency?    It’s getting worse, but it’s still mostly limited to a fairly local area (from my left shoulder down to my left wrist).  Is this an emergency?  I’m guessing not, but I’m not certain.

And if neither of those are emergencies, try this one on for size:  What about the cramping and bright red spotting I’m having right now?  It’s been going on throughout the pregnancy – on and off, mostly off and now it’s back. Does this constitute an emergency?  I’m guessing not, but I’m not certain.

I’d continue to speculate – but I have an unbelievably bad toothache right now, and my brain isn’t quite functioning.  Sigh.



*Oh, right – that would be “out of compliance with the law”

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