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Pregnancy is Fun

I was admitted to the hospital yesterday with preterm contractions that failed to respond to PO or injectable tocolytics. There was some debate among the doctors regarding how to care for me since I had a negative fFN on Mnoday and wasn’t displaying cervical changes.

Still, no one wants this baby to be born 12-15 weeks early and my contractions were 3-4 minutes apart and pretty painful. SubQ Terbutaline didn’t help; Procardia didn’t help; more SubQ Terb didn’t help, so I got admitted. They kept trying the Procardia, which I miraculously kept down, but to no avail. Finally a third round of terbutaline was tried around 12:30am (1 injection every 20-30 minutes or so). The first two didn’t help, but the third injection worked like a charm.

I didn’t have any contractions from about 2:30a to 4:15am and actually managed to grab about an hour snooze – and then I woke up in agony – horrific contractions 1-2 minutes apart. Not fun. My nurse did a cervical check and noted that I had dilated a little bit and called the doctor. Which meant there was no escaping Magnesium Sulfate. I’ve had the mag running since about 5:30 and my blood pressure has gone down from a respectable 110/70 to 85/42. The rest of the side effects aren’t as much fun as that one.

Mag sucks, pure and simple, but if it keeps my little tenant from breaking its lease early, then I’ll take it.

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