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Yesterday I got a shiny new PICC line.  I’d been having problems getting #3 to run fluids, and eventually even the Zofran wouldn’t go through it very well.   The sutures holding it in place had come out, and the tip had migrated, so it was in the wrong place.  All good reasons to get it checked out.  But the radiologist at the hospital yesterday was pretty ticked off that I was there taking up his time.  “But you’re pregnant!  There are risks!  Don’t you know there are risks?!  And the baby is taking up more room than the last time you got a new line.  It’s not safe!”    Um.  Yeah?  There are risks?  Are the risks greater than the risks of me getting no fluids for the next couple months?  No?  Then at least look at the line.  Pretty please?

Well, he took a look and the tip had migrated and to make matters worse, it was against the sidewall of the vein, and it was too occluded for him to be able to fix it – so I got a new line.    I admit, I felt a little vindicated, since earlier he had implied that I was wasting his time.

Meanwhile, the overall crappiness of this pregnancy continue to vex me.  I’ve got really awful carpal tunnel syndrome – it hasn’t been this bad since I left my music degree program.  Every morning I wake up and my hands are in agony – can’t bend them, can’t feel my fingers, the pain in my wrists radiates all the way up my arm. It sucks.  I know this will likely largely resolve after I deliver this baby – but it’s unlikely to go away completely since it was already a problem for me in the first place.  So I’m seeing a hand specialist on Monday.  (And no, wearing a brace at night doesn’t help)

My blood sugar continues to be ridiculously high, particularly toward the end of the day.  Fortunately, my fasting levels are fine most of the time, which turns out to be better news than I knew.  The perinatologist told me today that it’s typically the women who struggle with their fasting levels that are more highly predisposed to diabetes later in life.  So I have at least one plus on that!

I’m in pain a lot of time, walking is excruciating, I have terrible headaches, and I have horrific acid reflux.  I was getting IV Zantac for the acid reflux, but there is a national shortage on IV Zantac – so I have been switched to IV Pepcid, which finally arrived today.  Here’s hoping it helps.
Most vexingly is that I’m starting to have difficulty sleeping – not because of all the normal reasons – but because I have been having ridiculous dreams.  Nightmares, really.  But they’re odd.  And I don’t like them one bit.

Home stretch or not, I won’t feel better about this until delivery day.  Yes, I know that compared to when this all started there’s hardly any time left at all in this pregnancy, but it frankly doesn’t make the here and now any more pleasant.  Can’t wait for this to be over!

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