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Baby Girl!

Just a quick post to say that I delivered my baby girl(!) Sunday morning at 10:11am. She’s a month early, but perfect and beautiful and everything I’d imagined (and more!). We still haven’t come up with a name for her, but I figure we’ve got time. How much time? I dunno. Until I get tired of my father asking me, I suppose.

Just the quick story – I was admitted to the hospital on Friday with very low amniotic fluid. I had hoped it was because I’d been a big slacker about fluids the day before (and didn’t get any overnight on Thursday night for a variety of reasons that just don’t matter anymore), so although the perinatologist sent me to L&D with the understanding that my OB would be doing a c-section, stat, the OB on call was willing to try rehydrating me over night and rechecking the AFI in the morning. AFI wasn’t any better in the morning, so I figured it was still a one-way ticket to a c-section, but she’d pulled the terbutaline and procardia on Friday when I was admitted and I had started to dilate some more, so she was willing to try doing a foley balloon induction. Although my birth story wasn’t everything I had envisioned, it was perfect in all the important ways – like not having a c-section and having a healthy baby in the end. I did get to push out my little girl and it’s an amazing, empowering thing to have accomplished that. (And seriously? The recovery? A million times better than the c-section, despite a bunch of stitches!)

She’s a ginormous 5 and a half pounds (down a fair bit now, but she still gets credit for her birth weight!). While she’s actually just below average for her gestational age, she looks like a giant to us, since she’s over twice as big as Abby was when she was born. She’s perfect, of course, and all she’s missing is a name….

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