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I admit to being a bit of a moron sometimes.

So there I am, wondering why on earth my bum hurts so darned much… solid as a rock after only 3 nights, throbbing every time I walk, I mean, really, WHAT?

Every time I’ve done a retrieval and started my PIO injections I have screwed up and taken 2cc’s of PIO the first few nights until I stop and look at the directions and realize I only need to to take 1cc per night.

Well, that explains the rock-solid glutes.  Yeah.  Did I mention I do this every single cycle? The good news is that you can’t overdose on progesterone.

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No more PIA or PIO

I talked with my nurse today. I’m going in tomorrow for my beta despite being sick. My doctor this morning said if the plague I have is the flu, I should be better by tomorrow, and if it’s not, it’s probably bacterial, and I’m now on antibiotics just in case, so I should be okay to breathe my germs on them by tomorrow.

That being said, my nurse gave me her blessing not to take my PIO tonight since my HPT is still snowy white. I told her she needn’t worry about how to make that uncomfortable phone call tomorrow with the negative beta and she said, “Oh thank heavens!” Apparently those phone calls aren’t easy to make, and occasionally get pretty dicey. She hopes to give me a pleasantly surprising phone call tomorrow, but meanwhile she said it was okay to skip the PIO tonight. Whahoo!

Meanwhile, there’s nothing much interesting going on here in perky-land.

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So you know how when you’re giving an IM shot, you’re supposed to pull back on the plunger to see if you get any blood in the syringe before you shoot yourself up with the contents of said syringe? And you know how you always think that it’s a stupid thing to bother with because after 47 shots, you’ve never ever had any blood appear in the syringe, so what’s the point?

Well, so tonight, my husband was giving me my PIO, and he pulled back on the syringe and I wasn’t even paying attention and he said, “Oh, I got blood, I’m sorry.” I thought he was done with the shot and he just meant I was bleeding from the shot. Nope. He meant there was blood in the syringe.

“Okay, well, I think you have to take it out and we’ll start over.”

I don’t know – is that what you’re supposed to do? I think so. Isn’t that the point of finding out if there’s blood? I think so. I honestly can’t remember. See, I’m in a lot of pain right now (I have a migraine plus I think I need a root canal, but who has time for that?) so I’m drugged and tired, so I can’t really think straight.

So he pulls the syringe out of my derriere and says, “And now there’s blood on the floor.” I handed him a piece of gauze. And then another when that one wasn’t enough. He handed me the syringe which… wasn’t reusable. Or maybe it was, but gosh there was a lot of blood in it. I don’t know, can you use it again? I’m thinking no, but I dunno, who knows. I’ll ask my nurse tomorrow.

So while my husband is trying to get me to stop bleeding, I drew up a new dose of PIO. And then he successfully gave me the PIO without incident. Whew.

Um. So does anyone have any ideas about how to get blood out of beige carpet?

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I swear, I am convinced that PIO makes my Allegra stop working. I cannot breathe, my eyes are all itchy, I’m sniffly, I’m stuffy, I’m teary-eyed, I’m sneezy, I’m ucky, I’m whiny (okay, that has nothing to do with Allegra except that when I feel this way, I get whiny). It’s like I have no allergy medicine on board. It’s as though the progesterone totally inactivates the Allegra. It’s completely ridiculous.

I cannot find appropriate google terms to bring my theory to life, but allergies can be aggravated during pregnancy – though this seems to be a phenomenon that is most severe in late pregnancy (29-36 weeks) so my bet is taking a few PIO shots is not the culprit. But, um. I still say the PIO is to blame. Because what else am I going to blame?

And I am getting too many darned migraines, which I know is the fault of the progesterone. And my screwed up body. Thanks for nothing.

And just think? If I get pregnant (hah!) I can stay on this stuff for EVER!

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PIO: It Does So Sucketh

PIO injections? Not nearly as horrible as I expected them to be. They don’t hurt as much as I thought they would. They go in relatively easily. We haven’t hit an artery yet (er, does that happen often?). Basically, we’re all good.

Or, um, I thought so.

I mean, there’s the mood changes. PIO, is systemic, you see, unlike Prometrium or Crinone, etc. So the mood changes. And the exhaustion. And all that good stuff. I can live with that. I’m moody and exhausted anyway (Shut UP!).

(and the estrace? Did I mention estrogen makes me cry at the drop of a hat? yeah…)

Anyway, back to the PIO. It’s going well. It’s all good. Not hurting. Life is good. I even gave myself my own PIO injection last night without any difficulty. Not bad. No real pain. Life is good.

Except now, every single injection site (not that there’s so many now) is all lumpy and owie. And, in the face of this morning’s news, I have decided to be annoyed about this development. Bah. How am I going to deal with 18 days of this (more if I’m pregnant, but who’s counting on that?)

Edit: Yes, I know all about crinone, etc. I was even in a study for crinone once. But, my clinic uses PIO exclusively for IVF patients for at least the first 18 days after retrieval, except when there is an allergy to sesame. And, frankly, it’s not that bothersome to me to do the PIO shots – it’s just that this morning I had a lump in my patootie and I needed something to focus on and whine about other than that damn embryology report. I’m so sick of embryology reports. (though, I am, of course, on pins and needles awaiting tomorrow’s report…I never claimed to be consistent)

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