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I stayed home sick yesterday, what with the obvious breast infection.  Whenever I stay home sick, my nanny ends up sick or injured or whatnot.  Yesterday it wasn’t she that ended up sick, but her niece, for whom she is the primary caregiver.  Obviously, she had to leave if her niece was throwing up and sick and had a fever and whatnot.  Poor M but also Poor Karen.

This morning, M called to say that her niece has chicken pox. 

Let’s review.

Point the first:  Karen’s babies are 10.5 months old.  Babies receive the chicken pox vaccine at 12 months old (and another booster sometime later, I can’t remember when).

Point the second:  Karen is not immune to chicken pox.

Point the third:  Karen’s nanny has never, to her knowledge, had chicken pox OR the chicken pox vaccine.

Point the fourth:  The incubation period for chicken pox is 8-21 days.  Let’s average it out and call it 14 days. 

Point the fifth:  Regardless of the incubation period, her niece will need care and will not be able to return to her babysitter until she herself no longer has active chicken pox lesions, about a week. 

This, suffice it to say, has not been a good week.  I haven’t even gotten a shower yet today.  For the good of mankind, I must get a shower today!

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