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Shell Shocked

People keep telling me that I look shell shocked.  Tired.  Sick.  Run down.

Maybe I should take the hint.

Thing is, I can’t seem to shake it, either.  I have even skipped my 11pm pumping the past couple nights in order to get more sleep (bad mommy, I know) because I just can’t take it anymore.  I’m so tired.  So unbelievably tired.  It just can’t be normal, can it?  I just had my thyroid checked and it was normal, so that’s not the problem; I just wish I could shake it. 

In other news, my BABY started kindergarten today.  Can you believe it?  He had a bit of a rough start when I took him down for early drop off.  He was clingy and scared and didn’t want me to leave, so I told him I would stay until it was time to move to his regular classroom.  When it was time to move to his regular classroom, I took him down and I started to well up, but he just bounced right in.  WHAT?  Really?  Hello?  Now I’m having a moment, can’t you be a little traumatized with me?  Just a little?  *sniff*

Meanwhile, the kids are sick, sort of.  Ellie had a stomach bug, but she’s over it.  Then Sam seemed to get it, but not nearly as bad as Ellie.  Now Abby seemed fine, but I think she might be coming down with it.  Why couldn’t they get it concurrently instead of consecutively?  J has a "reactive airway" which is essentially asthma, but with a triggering event, in this case probably a viral infection that we didn’t notice.  Poor kid.  Now he’s got two different inhalers and thankfully is being a real trooper about taking them.

But I’m tired.  So very tired, with no real excuse for it, because, you know?  My kids sleep through the night.  But it could be the persistent migraines that won’t quit the past couple of weeks.  Or it could be the nighttime pumping and the early morning wake ups.  Or it could be that I’m just doing too much and not making up for it enough in the sleeping hours.  I’m not sure. 

I just know that I’m tired.

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