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Splish Splash

The babies took their first bath TOGETHER today. It sure was an adventure for Eema and Abba. I don’t know if we’ll ever be quite the same again, and I certainly don’t know if we’ll repeat the experiment again. The babies sure had fun, though. Abby was very calm through the entire bath, though didn’t love that Sam and Ellie kept crawling all over her. Sam and Ellie, though, were quite squirmy and curious through the entire experiment: I couldn’t keep Sam from drinking the water, and Ellie was determined to explore every inch of the bathtub. Abby just stared at her siblings in utter disbelief at their urge to explore.

Sam was so excited to be able to explore with abandon. He’s so used to being confined to the baby bathtub that this was great fun for him (even if it was hair-raising for Eema!)

Ellie kept that duck in her mouth for the entire bath time! I had to wrench it from her when bathtime was over!

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