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One thing I keep forgetting to post… when I spoke with the infertility nurse coordinator on Wednesday she cleared up one thing that had really, really, really bothered me about The Hatchery and made me feel much, much better.

The Hatchery batches their IVFs, which really bugs me because it gives me less control over my timeline. It especially bugs me because they used to batch their IVFs quarterly! I was feeling incredible time pressure with a quarterly timetable. I had forgotten to ask Dr. McB if they still batch their IVFs quarterly when I saw him on Monday, but when he was talking, he’d made it clear that he batches his patients, so clearly, something was up.

Still, he’d said some things that made it sound all so flexible, like, “So when do you want to get started?” and “What kind of timeline do you want to look at?” And then when the nurse called me on Wednesday she was also asking me similar things… she was asking me if I wanted to start BCPs this month to do my IVF next month or if I was waiting. Finally, after all my important questions had been answered, I asked if they still batch their IVFs. “Yes, we start cycles every two weeks now.”

Wow. Every two weeks. Well, that’s practically all the time! That kind of batching I can totally handle. No time pressure, I can still pretty much pick when I start. She said this just helps him control his schedule a little better, because it gives him one procedure weekend and one ultrasound weekend. Whew. With only one doctor in the practice, I can totally understand that. I’m really all about it.

Glad I cleared that up.

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Metformin? Sucks.

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