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So because I have no life, and apparently have copious spare time on my hands, I was poking around Ye Olde Fertility Clinic’s Website, as I am wont to do this evening. Actually, I can’t remember why I was doing it, but I think this time I actually had a reason I was poking around there. But anyway, they have all sorts of useful information, so I poke around there frequently. They recently reworked the website and it’s pretty and fun and has new stuff on it all the time, and, well, see the aforementioned statement about my lack of a life and my copious spare time, and you’ll see why I spend my time poking around their website. Besides, J (Marketing Supervisor Extraordinaire) was recognized for his wondermousness at Ye Olde Fertility Clinic for his hard work and dedication on the website re-design, so I figure I owe it to him to spend countless hours critiquing perusing his handiwork.

ANYWAY, I was poking around and I noticed that they have a new poll up for site visitors to fill out. The poll asks Who do you think should have the final say in the number of embryos transferred back in an IVF cycle? The possible answers are “Doctor” and “Patient”.

I had a knee-jerk reaction to what my answer was (what? Me? Opinionated?), of course. And I thought for a little while longer about what other answers there could be and what the other arguments there were, and then… nope, I’m still sticking by my answer. But I want to know your opinion. But then I got to thinking that there are a lot of other relevant questions out there that are somewhat related and I want to know what you think of those questions, too!

The poll is anonymous – so please don’t hesitate to fill it out, even if you’re not a frequent commenter, and let me know what you think:


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The Good News: I have permission to switch my pill to the OrthoCyclen. I’ll note that I did this without permission anyway, knowing that it would be fine, but it is nice to know that it’s all fine.

The Bad News: My head still hurts like a bitch, which you can tell by the fact that I’m swearing like a sailor (which I rarely do in print, though I usually do in person).

The Good News: Despite my head hurting so much, the nausea is gone. I no longer feel like I have perpetual morning sickness, which is good, because if I have to have morning sickness, I damn well better be getting a baby 9 months later.

The Bad News: I have terrible, awful cramps, which makes no sense, because, hello? That should be over by now. But it’s not and I am not amused. In fact, I am quite ticked off at my effed-up body right now. In fact, the pain I’ve been feeling is quite severe and I am not enjoying it. I’ve been having visions of getting in for my Lupron evaluation (which isn’t for another several weeks, btw, so it’s not like it’s looming, or anything) and having SuperDoc say, “You are benched, Oh Perky One! Look at those Ginormous Cysts on those seriously un-Perky Ovaries of yours!” But I’m sure it’s all in my head, and due largely to the copious amounts of painkillers I’ve been swallowing for the aforementioned throbbing head and now very crampy ovarian region.

The Good News: Only two more weeks of BCPs.

The Bad News: I start Lupron March 11th. More headaches to come.

The Good News: IVF #2 is looming.

The Bad News: IVF #2 is looming. I am petrified of failing a second time. I know this is ridiculous. I can’t not bother starting just because I am petrified of failing. That would be ridiculous. For some reason, though, I was really okay with IVF#1 not working. As hard as any negative cycle is to swallow, I was expecting it and I think I handled it with my characteristic grace and humour. I haven’t even gone out and gotten stinking drunk yet (don’t think I haven’t thought about it). The thought of IVF#2 failing is absolutely petrifying. Please don’t just say, “Oh, but this one will work.” No one knows that. It either will or it won’t, and clearly right now I’m not in my happy, perky place. Maybe I’ll be there tomorrow. But right now? I’m not. Right now I need to work through what I’m going to do if it doesn’t work (aside from the logistical obviousness of – duh! I’ll do IVF #3… my last cycle covered at Ye Olde Fertility Clinic before I return to The Hatchery where I’ll have approximately 2 cycles covered under my husband’s insurance, good heavens, I hope it doesn’t come to that).

The Good News: I’m getting way ahead of myself.

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