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Like a sword

The pain ripping through my head is like a sword stuck into my head. Through my eyeball, perhaps. The pain is palpable.

I forgot this was what it would be like. My head hurt so much and I couldn’t figure out why. Not my normal migraine. And then, then I remembered what I did this morning.

The news I’ve been trying not to say out loud, in case SuperDoc rips it away from me next week, is that it appears I’ll have a reprieve this cycle. Last cycle I took 20 units prior to stims and stayed on 20 units after starting stims. But despite his original statement to me that this cycle we’d increase or stay the same on Lupron… it appears that this cycle I’m decreasing the Lupron dose to 10 units once I start stims.

That…. that would be lovely. If it happens. I hope it happens. I’m afraid it won’t.

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L – 1

Lupron starts tomorrow.

You have been warned.

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