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Honest to Murgatroid, will this period never end??  Normally my period is 4-5 days at most.  I’m on day 8 with no signs of stopping.  I would like it to stop now.    Le Sigh.

I started Follistim & Luveris on Wednesday.  Have been nauseated ever since starting the Follistim.  Apparently, I’m the only person on the planet that has this reaction to Follistim.  Awesome.  I finally got clarification on the Luveris dose – 150 IUs per day.  Holy cow.    This means a minimum of four injections per day before starting the Ganirelix (1 Follistim dose in the morning, 1 Follistim in the evening, 2 Luveris in the evening).  Yesterday was five injections becaues I ran out of Follistim in my cartridge halfway through my dose in my evening dose.  Whahoo.

So here’s the thing about doing morning and evening doses and having multiple injections in a single day…  You know how you’re supposed to alternate sides for an injection site?    Well, how exactly do you do that without still overlapping?  I mean, when I was doing one belly injection a day, I just did a different side every day.  Now it’s… less easy to figure out.  Not a big deal, I just make sure to move around in different spots.  My husband (a pharmacist) tells me there’s a limit to how much fluid the skin can absorb, so I assume the point is just not to overload one spot with a large amount of fluid at once.

In other news, I got laid off, so my benefits expire at midnight August 31st, so this cycle MUST be complete by August 31st.  No, I’m not canceling it in light of the layoff.  This is my last covered cycle, and I may as well just go for it.  After all, what are the odds of it working anyway, right?

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