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I’m unique.  That’s what I am.  A very, very special snowflake.

Apparently, my nurse has never seen the clinic allow someone with such a clearly dominant single follicle push through a cycle.  They always cancel and/or convert to IUI.

But not me.  They’re letting me push through.  SuperNurse said she’s really excited because she’s always been curious to see what would happen if someone pushed through a cycle with a single dominant follicle, but multiple smaller follicles.

I don’t like being the exception.  It does not give me warm fuzzies; it makes me nervous.  I think I might cry.

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…for IUI.  That’s what I am.  When I was doing IUI cycles, I was nearly always a perfect candidate for IVF.  I had lots and lots and lots of follicles and rarely a dominant follicle.  Now that I’ve been doing these IVF cycles, I am having a hard time growing follicles, but I nearly always have a dominant follicle.

Seriously, I asked SuperDoc, what is up with that? “Well,”  he responded patiently, as if he was talking to a second grader, “we’ve seen your ovaries go through this transition of sorts.  And ironically -”

“Should we consider converting to IUI?”

“Well, it’s certainly an option, but as long as your other follicles are still growing, we’re just going to ignore that perfect, enormous, dominant follicle of yours.”

On Sunday I had a 15mm follicle and 13 other follicles.

Today I have a perfect 18mm follicle and 4 other viable follicles and 2 other tiny, itty bitty, teeny weeny, wimpy little stragglers that, well, they’re a little embarrassing, frankly.  But we’ll count them.   For a total of 7 (but really… 5, if we’re being totally honest here – and let’s not forget the fact that we’re going to lose that 18mm one because it’ll be overmature come retrieval time, so we’re actually looking at probably…4).


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The Aftermath

Last night, I showed you the medications I had to take in one evening.  Tonight, you shall see the aftermath.  When my children are overwhelmed and choked by the piles overflowing from the landfills?  Well, they’ll have me to blame.  Me alone.



All of that is trash generated from tonight’s shots.   ONE NIGHT of shots.  And I do injections twice a day (admittedly, the morning injections are just Follistim, and therefore generate very little waste, but that’s hardly the point, is it?).  Thank heavens this is the short protocol.

According to my super-genius Pharmacist husband – apparently the “sharps” will be incinerated, so they won’t fill up any landfills in their present form.  But that still leaves a hefty amount of garbage.  Maybe I should get a trash compactor.  Why did those things fall out of style, anyway?   Maybe Buy-N-Large sells one…

My ovaries feel like softballs right now.  They hurt.   A lot.    Beyond that, I really have nothing useful to say – I’m completely exhausted, having spent the day driving back and forth to Long Island for a funeral – my husband’s uncle died and we drove up there and back today.   Nearly 11 hours in the car…  and less than 4 hours actually there.  Then home again for my nightly pincushion routine and up bright and early tomorrow for more pincushioning and another appointment at Ye Olde Fertility Clinic.  Whee!  🙂

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