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New Kindred Spirit

Received the following email from one of the folks I'm working closely with these days:

Forgot to tell you – Tiny stress zit appeared on nose.  Have decided to blame on Q…  Should I post
on chez perky?

I love her.  Truly, I do.

I have to say, I'm not sleeping much these days.  I'm working too much.  There's programming for my multiples club.  There's parenting 101.  There's cleaning in the house (that's pretty much not getting done).  I've got a neighbor who just had a hip replaced and I'm doing her laundry for her once a week.  There's a friend whose triplets are in the hospital with the flu and pneumonia.  There's my friend who's triplets are in the ICU because of the fire and the huge relief effort and coordination associated with that.   There's the fact that I don't like loose ends so even when it isn't my "shift" I'm right there working on the things that I had hanging around the day before.  There's my actual job – you know, the one I get paid for?  The software release coming out in a couple weeks.  The new policy that's getting released at the same time that I'm writing.  The meetings.  The training modules to develop.  The data reviews.  There's the meal preparation and the daily grind.  There's the fact that I have a minor dental emergency that I have to take care of tomorrow.  My car needs servicing and heaven knows when THAT'S going to happen.  There's getting J to (and from) school and speech therapy.  There's the class we're taking.  There's my friend who found out her dog is dying.  There's the fact that my husband won't be home tonight.  There's life, you know?  Did I mention I've been sick?

But then?  There's finding the kindred sprits among us amidst all of the other crap going on in life.    It just makes it all okay.

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