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A friend of mine delivered her babies yesterday – a set of healthy perfect HOMs. I called my friend, M, to tell her the news. M and I haven’t known each other for all that long, though we emailed a bit after my babies were first born, but recently we’ve become very close. M also has HOMs and did the whole infertility thing, so she gets me. (Though she didn’t do the extensive fertility journey that we did – one IUI and *boom* a set of HOMs!) Anyway, I called her to tell her the news, and I had this funny conversation:

Me: I have exciting news!!!
Her: You’re pregnant!!
Me: Um, no. Not that exciting.
Her: Oh. Really?
Me: Yeah. That would be ironic, actually. I just started birth control pills for an IVF cycle, so wouldn’t THAT be funny? So anyway, no way I’m pregnant.
Her: Birth control pills for an IVF cycle?
Me: Yeah, it’s standard protocol for IVF – it’s part of the suppression cycle in an IVF protocol. I forgot you never did IVF.
Her: So, really? You’re seriously doing this? You really meant it? You’re really having another one?
Me: Yeah!
Her: You know it could be two. Or three. Or… Right?
Me: Oh no. Dr. P. told me I’m not allowed to have two. Or three. Or four. Or…
Her: Yeah, we see how well that worked for you last time. Really? You’re actually starting an IVF cycle?

Sometimes I forget that people don’t realize I’m serious. (not that there are many people in real life that have any clue that we’re doing this…)

So just for the record – We are doing this. For real. I’m not kidding. Though my mental stability has been called into question, so there is that little teeney stumbling block. But aside from that…

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