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Lupron Day three. On Day 2 we found out what we owe in taxes. Not a good day. I’ve never seen so many zeros in my life. I’m not

Day three? Glass door on my oven shattered. And my cleaning lady (yes, the fired one) lied about it.


And I’m on Lupron.

And I had a complete, total, utter, nervous breakdown.

God bless my husband for not saying, “Maybe now’s not the time for IVF.”

Because that? Would have broken me.

The first one of you to say that maybe now’s not the time? Gets banned for life. Yes I’m stressed. Cancelling this cycle? Would kill me.

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2009 Can Suck It

And you thought March sucked?

Sam's been to the ER this month.  Pictures will follow in subsequent post.  He's fine.  He cut his face above his eye and the pediatrician felt like it needed to be closed.  It didn't even need stitches.  It's glued.  Glued!  They accidentally glued his eye shut, but they fixed that. That may have been the worst part.  He's totally fine. 

My oven door?  The glass part?  Shattered.  Five days before Pesach.

Our tax bill?  About the size of the National Debt.

Me?  Thinking about taking up drinking for sport.

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