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Starting Over

BCPs start Tomorrow
Lupron starts on Day 19
Let the Games begin!

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You’ll have to pardon my brief blogging hiatus. I’m busy reading Mel’s book and saying “Yes, Exactly!” periodically.

That’s far more important than telling you all about the fact that I’ve had what feel like menstrual cramps since the day before my cycle was cancelled, despite the fact that there is no sign of my period (and why would there be? It really shouldn’t be here until at least Tuesday!).

It’s also far more important than telling you about how I said to my husband that I want to run a marathon next year and he said, “Okay” and didn’t laugh at me. I looked at him in shock and surprise and he (being the best husband in the world) said, “I know you can do anything you decide you’re going to do.” I told my friend who actually does run marathons that I was joking about running a marathon next year and she said, “While you’re pregnant?!?” Yeah, um, if only I had that much faith. (That being said, she did say that even wimpy, fat me could run a marathon. Um… she didn’t call me wimpy OR fat… that’s all me… she’s much nicer than that)

But back to Mel’s book. Because really. That’s more important than my bitching about the fact that I have a UTI I can’t do anything about because I can’t get to the doctor or the fact that I hurt my shoulder and the cortisone shot I had in it isn’t fixing it well enough. Because honestly? I’m Lupron-free right now and the truth is, a Lupronless life is actually pretty good!

Happy Reading!

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