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Life. Falling. Apart.

2009 has sucked.  Royally.  Everytime it gets bad, it gets worse.  I have so many blessings and joys in my life and I know this and I'm not ungrateful for any of them, so please don't suggest that I am.  But honestly?  2009?  Sucks. 

I thought maybe getting past March would make things a little less stressful, but April?  Has been even worse.   Sam went to the ER because he got a cut above his eye that the pediatrician said was open too much to heal by itself.  It wasn't a huge deal, but it cost me a few hours of work, made for one unhappy Sammy. 

That same day, we found out what we'd be owing in Federal taxes.  It wasn't pretty.

This is my busy season at work.  When isn't?

I've been sick for two weeks with a "cold or something" that I haven't been able to shake.  In fact, it's only been getting worse.  I'm beyond exhausted and it's far more than my usual "I don't sleep much" kind of exhausted.  It's a beaten down with a stick kind of exhausted.  Small wonder… I've got a sinus infection and I'm now the proud owner of 40 Augmentin XR tablets.

My cleaning lady broke the inner glass on my oven door, then lied to me about it.  She also did a piss poor job of cleaning my house that day (and for the three years prior).  I couldn't care less about the oven door breaking – she did something stupid that caused it to break (no matter what her story is, my nanny was standing there watching it happen, and she doesn't have any reason to lie about it), but anyone can make an honest mistake.  What makes my blood boil is that she lied to me about it even after being confronted about it.  Then she had the audacity to tell me that I've been mistreating her for years.  This, coming from the woman who was only even in my house that day because she called me and asked me if she could please come that day so that she could do my Pesach kitchen cleaning "at no charge" to me because I've been so good to her for the last 4 1/2 years  and she knows how much I'm struggling right now.  Mistreating, indeed.

I didn't handle myself well that day, that's for sure.  I yelled at her more than I should have and told her to get out of my house.  I don't want people in my house who lie to my face.  I don't trust people around my children who lie to me.  Ever.  I'm sorry that I yelled.  I'm sorry that I lost my temper.  I ended up a sobbing ridiculous mess in my kitchen as she was leaving (calling me a drama queen, mind you, she can bite me). 

My nanny took me to my bedroom and laid me down on my bed and gave me a glass of water, told me I'm the best boss in the world and that D will never find a better boss and that it's she who should be apologizing for stealing my money without doing the job right.  I love my nanny.  Seth came home from work early because I was clearly in no state of mind to … um… function. 

We ordered a new piece of glass for the stove.  My handyman promised to come as soon as the glass arrived to install it for me.  The glass was scheduled to arrive Monday.  Tuesday at the latest.  We paid $50 in expedited shipping to ensure this.  Pesach is coming, after all. 

Monday came and went.  No glass.  At 3:30 today, the glass arrived.  I paged my handyman and he said he'd be over as soon as he finished the job he was working on.  He and I arrived at my house around the same time (5:30ish).  We opened the package with the glass and… 

It was the wrong piece of glass.  They sent the outermost piece of glass, not the innermost.

Fan.  Freakin'.  Tastic. 

(they've refunded the expedited shipping cost, they're picking up the wrong part, and reordered the correct part, waived the cost of shipping the new part…expedited of course… and it'll be here on Thursday.  My handyman will come Saturday night or Sunday morning to install it)

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going private for a while

Am going to make this a private blog for a while. I’ll explain after I do so. If you want an invite, please email me directly.

chezperky [at] gmail [dot] com

I know it’s a HUGE pain in the neck to deal with checking private blogs. This is why I have an email subscription option on the right sidebar of my blog. Please feel free to use that as an option to receive reminders that I’ve updated my blog. I will be checking the email subscription list to ensure that only people who have permission to read my blog are receiving email updates, so please don’t sign up for email updates without also emailing me for an invite to the blog.

The Management.

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Well, it turns out reverse psychology works! What the heck? I have never, ever in my entire life had a period without at least one day of completely debilitating cramps the day before, and typically for the six-to-eight hours before it appears I am in total agony. So I knew with absolute certainty when I typed my post at 1:30am that there was no possibility that my period was going to arrive any time soon. Right? Of course right.

Except that she arrived at 7am.


So I shouldn’t be complaining, right? Of course right. I’ll make my CD2 appt. for tomorrow. (CRAP, my kids have appointments at 7:30 tomorrow morning. DAMMIT! Sigh. Whatever. We’ll work it out.) And that will mean they’ll want me back… (let’s see, Wed … plus three, carry the two divide by the square root of 17…) Saturday. FANTASTIC. They’ll probably let me hold off until Sunday. I hope.

Which will still probably mean me being back in the clinic on the last days of Passover, but it can’t be helped and I just… don’t care right now.

Edited to add: Hey, the lack of cramps could be related to the copious amounts of pain medicine I’ve been taking… except that pain medicine usually doesn’t help anyway. Hmmm. Anyway, it’s now 8am and the cramps are here to make up for lost time. This is going to be a *fun* day. Whee!

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No Sign of AF

So per my tentative cycle schedule given to me by my nurse, I should have been expecting my period around, oh… today. (er, wait, it’s now tomorrow… so what I meant by today was Monday, just so I’m clear) And if not Monday, then definitely Tuesday. But I’m not having any of the telltale signs that my period is imminent, so I’m thinking Tuesday’s out, also.

It’s weird. Because the one thing that’s been very, very predictable since my pregnancy has been my period. And now? Nothing. Despite having most definitely ovulated two weeks ago. And I must say, this delay is putting quite the wrench in my plans. This is most definitely going to mean a trip to Ye Olde Fertility Clinic during Pesach and/or Shabbos, which is not thrilling. I am not pleased. This does not make me happy.

Of course, it will only mean a trip to YOFC if it ever shows up at all. Which, you know, maybe it won’t. Becaue this is ME.

Everything else is going wrong right now. Why shoudn’t this go wrong?

Oh, right. Someone asked what the deal is with Passover and kitchens. Right. I don’t really have time to explain, because mine is in dissarray and I only have a matter of hours left until it needs to be totally in order again… but… for Passover, we turn over our entire kitchen… we use entirely different dishes, pots, sponges, etc. We cover all of our cooking and eating and preparation surfaces. We clean our sinks thoroughly and even pour boiling water in them to ensure any traces of chometz (leavened food) are gone. We kasher our ovens by bringing them up to extreme temperatures (either by running them on self clean cycles after leaving them empty for at least 24 hours, or by using a blow torch (literally). We lock up all of our normal every-day utensils and bring out utensils that we only use for this week of the year. We close all of our pantries and pack away all of the chometz. We buy special food. We clear our refrigerators and clean them thoroughly and fill them with only kosher-for-passover foods. We don’t eat any leavened foods (chometz) or any foods that have come in contact with leavened foods.

In short? We are insane.

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