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Yes, I’m schizophrenic. Am going invite-only again. If you already had an invite last time around, you still have it, not to worry. If you want one this time around, you’ll have to email me. chezperky at the gmail place

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Day 10 of BCPs. Nine more days until Lupron. Gawd. Stupid Lupron. My head is hurting just *thinking* of the Lupron. Except, the last two times I took the Lupron my head didn’t hurt that much, so I should have known that something was wrong, right? Yeah. So I’m torn. Maybe I should wish for the earth-shattering headaches. Um. Yeah.

Anyway, there’s seriously nothing going on here, except that I frickin’ hate BCPs. I get all stupid and cranky on them (why should today be any different than any other day?) and I feel sick and, yes, my head hurts (different than the Lupron headaches – just an exacerbation of my normal migraines).

But it’s SO BORING.

Seriously. Is this what I’ve come to? I’ve come to a life in which stabbing myself with a sharp stick is actually more interesting than the life I’m currently leading? Seriously? Taking a little blue pill isn’t worth writing about? Heck 10 years ago, little blue pills were worth writing about. Today? You hardly ever even hear about little blue pills anymore!

Gah. It’s not helping that I have pretty horrific cramps right now, and, um, HELLO? I’m on Day 10 of the pill! There is no good reason why I should be having cramps of all the damn things!


I told you there was nothing to see here.

Move along.

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