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Okay, seriously.  I am taking a little blue pill every single night.  I am very, very compliant.  I have not forgotten the stupid blue pill even once.  This stupid little blue pill should be very carefully regulating my menstrual cycle.  I should, therefore, not be expecting my period for at least… I don’t know… but not for a while. 


So why do I feel so horrifyingly crampy and awful and witchy?

Really.  This is uncool.


Anywhozit… there’s another week or so until the Lupron doomsdays.  Rockin’.


Should be a grand ol’ time, right?


Meanwhile, I was asked to do a very interesting little marketing thing for YOFC.  I can’t ever say no to J, Marketing Supervisor Extraordinaire, even though he refuses to commit to another nifty mobile.  I wonder what kind of cookies I should bring him this time.  I have a lovely recipe for Lemon Snowbars, but I’m not sure they travel well…



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