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All that Follistim, and you’d think I’d have some mighty perky ovaries today, wouldn’t you. Try to at least consider living up to my original blog title, maybe? After all, my ovaries used to be perky all on their own without any help from Follistim/Luveris, etc.

But … not so much.

My right ovary had only one measurable follicle – 14mm. 3, maybe 4 smaller follicles that weren’t worth measuring yet.

My left ovary was a little better, but not much, with a 16, 14, and 11, and again 3-4 smaller follicles that weren’t worth measuring yet.

So with 900 IUs of Follistim and 225 units of Luveris in me (total over three nights), I’m not feeling like this is getting the brilliant response originally predicited. This was supposed to be easy, remember? Or, as easy as IVF ever is (I get that it’s never “easy” but I think you know what I mean). SuperDoc’s predictions in January were that this would be a snap. But… so far, this has been nothing but unpredictable.

I’m … tired.

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