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Building a Yurt

I admit that I’m not sure HOW to build a yurt – though wikipedia did provide excellent step-by-step photographs on how to build a yurt.  I’m clearly going to have to brush up on the technique, though, because right now I think I might have to take my friend’s advice to deliver this baby in the wilderness in a yurt.  I’m definitely keeping it as a back up plan.

So the OB I met with on Monday talked with the perinatologist, reviewed his notes from our meeting, and reviewed my records…  and he definitely won’t take me on at this point in the pregnancy.  My perinatologist had recommended another practice as well – I called them today and had to leave a message with their OB coordinator because the practice has a policy that women coming into the practice past 16 weeks must have their records reviewed prior to them deciding whether to take that patient on.  I’m guessing… that’ll be a strikeout also.

I’ve left a message for the perinatologist’s nurse to find out whether they will take me on directly or if they have other recommendations.  Right now I’m just frustrated, and a little scared, about what to do next.  I have another doctor to call  – but she’s at a hospital that is just… really hard to get to from here.  It’s not far, it’s just not easy to get to.  I wish I knew what to do.  I’m really a very nice person and a good patient.  I just …  I feel awful and I’d like to know where I’m supposed to go on the bad days.

Meanwhile – I’ve still got the excellent back up plan.  I just have to build that yurt.

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