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Just so you don’t think I’ve been making this whole pregnancy thing up, I’m including proof of my status in this post.  Personally, I think I just look fatter, but my husband assures me that I look pregnant.   I guess we can compromise and say I’m a bit of both.  😉

I was quite surprised at how quickly I popped out this time around.  I think I’ve got a more prominent pregnant belly than I did at this point with the triplets.  Go figure.  I will say this, though – shopping for maternity clothes is *much* more fun this time around.  My pre-pregnancy weight with the triplets was about 70 pounds higher than my current weight, and I’m down 4 dress sizes (literally), so the variety of comfortable, (somewhat) flattering clothes is exponentially better than the last time.   I loathe spending money on clothes that you’ll only wear for a few months, but I’ve found some good sales (plus sized maternity clothing seems to never go on sale, so I had no such luck with the triplets).  Old Navy had maternity tees for $1.50 each!!!

My little monster is definitely still hanging out  – s/he is kicking a lot, but there’s no real pattern to it yet.  Still, its reassuring… especially considering how dreadful I feel, and the fact that I still don’t have an OB.  I’m seeing the perinatologist on Friday, though, so hopefully I’ll get some more answers then.

Okay – too tired to post more, but I don’t have anything interesting to say anyway.

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