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I saw Yet Another New OB (YANOB) today. I don’t like him, but he’s willing to take me on. He didn’t give me any crap about a VBAC, nor about not wanting an epidural in place (provided that I understand that in the event of an emergency C-section, if they can’t get a spinal in, they’ll do general anesthesia and my husband won’t be present at the delivery. Frankly, that’s the least of my concerns – and anyway, if I don’t get to be there, why should he? We’ll have a lifetime to bond with the baby, so in the unlikely event of an emergency, I’m willing to forgo those few minutes).

He talks fast and doesn’t really act like he’s listening. He’ll ask a question, I’ll start to respond, and he’ll be talking over me before I’ve got two words out. I hate that. But so long as the perinatologist is on board, he’s willing to manage my care concurrently with them. He’s fine with me doing Progesterone injections for PTL prevention. If the perinatologist doesn’t want to order it, he will. He’s fine with the steroid course I’m on. He’s fine with my home health care company. The office staff is all really nice (at least the ones I’ve interacted with so far), which is a plus. It’s a huge practice, which in my opinion is a downside, but on the other hand, it also probably contributes to why they didn’t shy away from taking me on.

I just wish I had the luxury of picking a doctor that I like. Meh. I guess it doesn’t really matter.

He doesn’t deliver at the hospital that’s five minutes away (where Seth works, for crying out loud). So I’ll have to go half an hour (or more, with traffic) away to deliver, but I’ll live. It’s a fine hospital to deliver at, so I don’t really have an issue with that – it’s just way less convenient and frustrating because it would have been nice to be at the hospital my husband works for, but beggars can’t be choosers.

So, yay?

I wish I were more excited about it than I am. I would probably be more excited if I’d loved him, but I don’t. Oh well. I’m seeing my perinatologist tomorrow, and then back to YANOB in two weeks. We’ll see how it goes. At least I have someone I can call if something goes wrong now…

Um, that’s not an invitation for something else to go wrong.

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My officemate, who I haven’t seen for over a week because she was on vacation, looked at me today and said, “Every time I see you, you’re skinnier than the last time.” Admittedly, when I turned to the side to show her my profile, she knew exactly where its all going. Still, it’s disturbing that I’m thinner yet… you know, pregnant.

Well, you know? I always said I was just one triplet pregnancy away from my ideal body weight. Turns out, it’s just pregnancy. Maybe I’ll be a perfect size 6 when this is all done and over with.

Ahem. I am not counting on that, just for the record.

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