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Insult to Injury

So I started taking IV Steroids Friday night.  It definitely helped the inflammation around my PICC site, and I’m generally less itchy.  I think my headaches are a tad better.  But I’m still really nauseated.  It helped a tiny bit the first couple days and then we started tapering it, and…  disaster.  I don’t know how long I can really stay on a high dose of steroids, but it’s honestly not helping enough for me to want to put up with the side effects and any inherent risk.

Truthfully, the horrific reflux was enough to make me want to get the hell off these steroids.  But now?  Now I have thrush on my tongue/in my throat.  The last time I had oral thrush was in 2003 when I’d been on long-term heavy-duty antibiotics.   The triplets and I battled thrush for five months while I was breastfeeding them, and admittedly, thrush *there* is far more painful, but I don’t really want any kind of thrush again!    So now my tongue hurts, it hurts to swallow, and it’s excruciating to put anything on my tongue.  Fortunately, I’m not eating anyway, right?  So it’s not like I’m missing out.  Much.

Is the cure worse than the disease?  No.  If I weren’t throwing up anymore, I’d definitely think it was worth it.  But this is still like adding insult to injury.

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