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Today’s news isn’t as great as yesterday’s news.

To review, yesterday we had 9 two-celled embryos from our nine mature eggs retrieved, which was fantastic news. I was overjoyed, shocked, and amazed.


1 didn’t make it at all.
6 are still 2 celled embryos (1 has had no change and therefore will not make it to tomorrow)
2 are 6 celled embryos, but they are breaking down (fragmented) and are unlikely to make it.

Transfer tomorrow at 2pm, unless I hear otherwise. Not looking great for having anything to freeze by Thursday (they bring everything to blast for freezing at my clinic, as they find they have a much higher FET success rate that way).

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I do have links to the interviews that aired on the news the other day – I don’t want to post them publicly here, but if you email me and you don’t strike me as a completely scary stalker-type, I’ll email you the links.

chezperky [at] gmail [dot] com

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