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Finally heard back from SuperNurse. She didn’t realize I hadn’t gotten a call over the weekend (and apparently hadn’t gotten to my email from yesterday). So all is forgiven and she has been re-established in my book of people who are allowed to have snickerdoodles next week. Maybe. You’ll see why she may have fallen back out of status later.

Anywhozit, there was nothing to freeze. Everything tanked. Shocker. I know this is not an indication of whether George is resilient enough to have parked his little butt in place for the long haul, but it does give one pause, no?


Right. Well, I think that was enough of a pause. Anyway, it doesn’t mean a darned thing. My clinic has some pretty strict standards for freezing, and I’m cool with that. A lot of clinics would have frozen right then and there when they transferred George.

My nurse wasn’t worried that there was nothing to freeze, “because the six they transferred were real beauties, so I’m sure you’re going to have a positive beta next week.”


Yeah, you read that right. SO not funny. She may *think* she’s funny, but she’s not.

I told her I was just proud of myself for not having peed on any sticks yet. “NO! DON’T PEE ON ANY STICKS!” she shouted through the phone!
“Oh for crying out loud, SuperNurse! I just told you I haven’t! And I don’t understand why you people get all ridiculous about not letting us pee on sticks – it’s not going to change the result. Either I’m going to be pregnant on the 18th when I come in for my beta or I’m not – it’s not like peeing on a stick will change that.”
“Yeah, but then you get a stick that tells you you’re pregnant, and then we have to tell you you’re not, and then…”
“Well that doesn’t change anything for me! I don’t get all weird about it! Hello? I’M totally rational, you know me!”
“Well then by all means! Pee on all the sticks you want! Go buy a box of popsicle sticks if you want! Whatever makes you happy!”

If it weren’t for that remark about the six transferred – she’d TOTALLY be on my cookie list right now.

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5dp6dt aka 11dpo

No word from YOFC. If they’re not careful, I may revert to the pseudonym I used in my original blog, transparency be-damned.

11 dippos. Think it’s too early to POAS? Last time I got a 2nd line at 10dpos, but admittedly that was with at least 2 having implanted already, and possibly more. G-d willing, that is NOT the case this time.

Well, I don’t have any HPTs anyway. Not YET! but SOON! 🙂 Yeah! Of course, I could always run out and head over to CVS… I might even get the sassy cashier – the one who when seeing me buy a couple packages of sanitary napkins and a couple packages of twizzlers … both were on sale, so sue me, okay?… said, “Well, I see you’re prepared for any emergency, aren’t you!” But no. My internet cheapies should arrive tomorrow. I can hold out. Honest.


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Now I'm annoyed

Have now left a voicemail message and sent an email re: the little blastocysts that weren’t. Am 100% certain nothing was frozen because I would have gotten a call from the financial folks telling me to pay up. However, I would have liked to have had a phone call telling me either way. Still have heard nothing. This is extraordinarily unusual for my clinic – you all know how highly I think of them. But I am annoyed. And since I have nothing better to focus on right now, I will focus on this particular annoyance right now. Because I can.

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still no word…

…from SuperNurse.

If she’s not careful, her pseudonym may be changed again to “nurse-doesn’t-return-my-emails-anymore-so-see-if-I-ever-bring-YOU-triple-chocolate-brownies-ever-again-so-there!”

Look, it’s not like I actually think anything DID get frozen. It’s that, you know, they were MY little blastocysts. I’d like to KNOW if they just got thrown in a biohazard disposal unit. Is that so much to ask?

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