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No Cryo Report

I didn’t hear whether there was anything to freeze. I wasn’t surprised not to hear over the weekend, but I figured my nurse would call today. I didn’t want to bother her with a phone call – Mondays are busy days (understandably).


You know…

I mean…

It’d be nice to know.

Frankly, it sounds crazy but I’m half of a mind that I’d prefer there wasn’t anything to freeze. Because…

1. if this cycle works (hah!)… well, then I don’t have to worry about paying storage fees or worry about what to do if we decide we’re done family building now. It’s just done.

2. If this cycle doesn’t work, I’d prefer to move on to a fresh cycle anyway. Let’s face it, these embryos were slow-growing crappy embryos. I mean, I *love* them, and they’re perfect in my eyes (just for the record should my future children ever read these posts… AHEM), but you know, they weren’t optimal. Furthermore, my insurance doesn’t cover FETs, which is phenomenally stupid. So it would actually cost me more to do an FET than a fresh cycle. Plus, if there was, say, only one that made it to freeze, what are the odds that it survives the thaw? Yeah.

I’ll call tomorrow and ask. I just *hate* calling for something this unimportant. I know they’re busy and it’s not like this is time sensitive information. I can certainly wait until the next time I have to talk to my nurse for some other reason and ask her then. But I’d like to know. But, I could wait, right? Of course right. So what to do. Sigh. I know I’m a client. I know I pay a lot of money for a service. And calling them for one tiny piece of information shouldn’t be a huge imposition. I just hate being a pain in the ass patient, so I try to avoid being one. And, um, I fail miserably at it.

But, you know, there’s not much else to do in this ridiculous 2ww. Ladeedaa…

I had a HIGH-LARIOUS conversation today with Barren about how long I’m likely to hold out before POAS. I’d share it with you, but my husband already thinks I’m psychotic when it comes to the whole POAS topic. Plus, J (Marketing Supervisor Extraordinaire) might rat me out to SuperDoc and tell them I’m planning on cheating.

Not that I’m planning to, mind you. I’m planning on holding out until the beta on the 18th. But hello??? You all know me, right? Of course right. There is SO no way I’m holding out that long. I can’t believe I haven’t already POAS’d. Puh-lease.

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