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As you know, I didn’t love the new OB who agreed to take me on as his patient. I’ve been thinking about it all week. I remember the first time I saw my perinatologists’ office with the triplets. The doctor rubbed me completely the wrong way. I wasn’t ready to hear anything she was going to say that day.  A week or so later, I concluded that part of what was going on with me not liking her was that I picked out the things I didn’t like and those were the only ones that formed my initial impression.  I did the same late in my pregnancy when I met the one member of the practice who I hadn’t seen up until that point.  I hated her from the first time I talked to her on the phone through the day of that first appointment with her.  By the second appointment I had with her, she was one of my favorite doctors in the practice.

Truthfully, pregnancy is such a difficult time to be making emotional decisions, judgments, etc.  My judgment can’t be trusted these days.  So in the interests of fairness, I must remember that odds were against me liking this OB from the get-go.  I don’t like change.  I don’t deal well with new people, new situations, particularly when I’m this stressed out.  So the obstetrician gets at least a partial buy on account of my emotional instability.

Truthfully, there was a lot more good than bad in that visit.  The OB didn’t have any qualms with me wanting to have a VBAC delivery.  He didn’t bat an eyelash at me stating unequivocally that I do not want an epidural in place (with the caveat that I needed to understand the risk that I may have to have general anesthesia in the event of an emergency caesarian).  He never questioned whether he would take me on as a patient – it was a given from the minute he walked in the door.  He was fine with continuing the protocol that I’m on for the hyperemesis, didn’t push TPN (he agreed with me that so long as I’m not nutritionally compromised, which I clearly am *not*, that we didn’t need to move to TPN).  His office staff is exceptionally nice, and although his office isn’t nearly as convenient as my former OBs office, it’s not exactly off the beaten path either.  Possibly most importantly, the practice has a midwife practice within it.  I have an appointment with one of the CNMs for January 14th.  No telling whether they’d be willing to let me have a midwife-attended delivery, but I can hope.  My perinatologist pointed out that even if they’re not willing to deliver me, I might get more personalized care from the midwives than the OBs, making for an overall more positive experience for the rest of the pregnancy.

So there’s lots of good.

Speaking of good:  I had my anatomy scan on Wednesday and Dr. P. came in and went over every detail of it with me after the sonographer had finished getting all her measurements.  I don’t remember going over the anatomy results in such detail with the triplets – though truthfully I’m not sure I could have laid on a table for that long with the triplets.  The baby has all the requisite parts – fingers, toes, all the proper parts of the brain, heart, etc.  It was hard to get a visual on the kidneys because the little monster was curled up like a pretzel, but we’re pretty sure they’re both there.  Baby is measuring just on time.  My cervix was shorter than it was 2 weeks prior, but still in a more than respectable range.  So far, so good.  Except, you know, the hyperemesis etc.

I know that this is all “worth it” for the toy surprise at the end, though I could certainly live with an uneventful pregnancy while still getting the toy surprise at the end, but since that’s not an option, I’ll take what I can get.   At least with my history/current medical state I’m getting a lot of looks at this little one – I’m at the perinatologists’ office every 2 weeks, and will at some point move to every week.  This kid may end up with almost as many ultrasounds as I did with the triplets – I had 33 ultrasounds with the triplets.  Crazy!

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Soap Fairy Redux

Some of you may remember my tales of the Soap Fairy from over a year ago.  If you don’t, here’s the heart of the matter:

Until these babies came into our lives, I never realized how well Seth and I work as a team.  We never talk about it, but our lives are just pieced together seamlessly… effortlessly… in a way that makes our world keep moving.  For example, the babies came home I was washing my hands so much more often than I used to and I ran out of soap in the dispenser in our bathroom.  I scratched my head for a minute and realized I had absolutely no idea where we keep the soap to fill the dispensers.  It’s not so much that it’s “Seth’s Job” to fill the dispensers, it’s just that in six years of marriage there’s always been this magical “soap fairy” that has gone around filling soap dispensers and it had never occurred to me that this was a job that had to be done by an actual person.  I decided to look under the sink, and lo and behold, there was a very large container of soap which I used to fill the soap dispenser.  Turns out, there’s one in each bathroom.  My soap fairy had not let me down.  I had never realized that this was something Seth had always taken care of for me, and I called him that day to thank him for being my soap fairy for six years.  The first thing he did was apologize for not having filled it before I needed him to.

I’ll point out that I don’t think I’ve re-filled any soap dispensers since the night of that post.

Fast forward to today – now I’m pregnant, high maintenance, and, well, needy.  I have this stupid PICC line.  I get home IV fluids, I have a Zofran pump, I have IV medications and a million needs.  You’d think I could take care of myself, but I don’t – I’ll sooner sit there counting contractions than have it occur to me that I might need fluids.  Seth takes one look at me and sets up my IV without a word.  I invariably fall asleep without checking to see if I’ve got enough Zofran in my pump to get through the night – but Seth changes it when he comes to bed without a word.  He’d be so justified in telling me to take care of my damn self, but he doesn’t.   He draws up my meds, he reminds me to get fluids, he prepares my fluids (vitamins etc. get added to them) at night.  If I disappear without warning, he takes it in stride and then asks me if I’m okay when I return.  He’d be justified in being annoyed with my utter incapability to be dependable, but he’s never mentioned it.

I couldn’t ask for a better person to share my life with.  Sometimes, it’s really nice to know that you’ll be taken care of.  I never have to wonder who’ll take care of me.  I’m taken care of even despite myself.

I can’t imagine being more blessed.  Four kids and another on the way, and the best husband in the world.  Could a girl ask for more?  (okay, don’t answer that)

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