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Holy Cramping, Batman!

So, I’ve often heard that it isn’t uncommon to get leg cramps in pregnancy – but it wasn’t one of the things I experienced in my triplet pregnancy, at least not any more than usual. People seem to suggest eating bananas to help prevent them. I expect that the reason is that people are attributing muscle cramps to low potassium levels. Turns out, low potassium does occasionally cause muscle cramps, it more frequently causes muscle weakness. Also? That banana everyone keeps suggesting? Has about 400mg of potassium in it. You’ll get more than double (sometimes triple) the amount of potassium found in that banana in tomatoes, wheat bran, apricots, currants, potatoes… Why bananas have such a reputation for being the potassium-king is beyond me. Low magnesium and low calcium levels more frequently contribute to muscle cramps – particularly those that occur with pregnancy.

So… who cares about any of that? Not me, but it’s still relevant.

About a week ago, I started having an issue where my thumb or the rest of my hand would seize up and be impossible for me to move. For a while it was just in my left thumb, which was annoying, but I could deal with it. Now it’s my whole left hand – and it happens at random times. And then, in the midst of muscle spasms in my hand (not remotely related to what kind of work I’m doing with my hand at the moment – just that it seizes up.

And then yesterday, my legs and even my feet started cramping- I woke up at 2:30 this morning in tears from the pain. Ugh. I just hope this is transient and will go away once my little parasite is evacuated from its temporary home. Sigh.

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