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First trip to L&D so far

I just got home from what I suspect will be the first of many visits to the Labor & Delivery unit. I was having a lot of cramping, low back pain, and pelvic pressure. Indocin didn’t help at all, so off to L&D I went, per my doctor’s instructions.

Surprise, surprise! I was having contractions. Good news is that my fetal fibronectin test was negative. This means I’m unlikely to deliver in the next two weeks due to cervical incompetence. I got three terbutaline shots, 20 minutes apart. Gah. I forgot how much terb sucks. Particularly if it’s not on a pump. My contractions slowed way down after the first two injections and the plan was to send me home after a bit of monitoring after the third injection. Except my contractions were back in full force after the third injection. My pulse was also through the roof (terb can do that), so I got to stick around L&D for longer than I cared to. Much to the nurse’s surprise, the doctor said I could go home despite contractions 2 minutes apart since the fFN was negative.

Of course, now the terb is making me so jumpy and shaky that sleep is elusive. Not to mention the nausea – I missed dose of Phenergan because of the visit – so I’m now all caught up on the meds and waiting for sleep.

Really, technically this baby is “viable” – but I will be most grateful if I don’t have to test that theory right now.

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My husband and Sam both appear to have a stomach bug, courtesy of my MIL. I really hope I don’t get it. Yes, I’m washing my hands. A lot. But I still am not holding my breath about not catching it. Sigh.

Today’s been a hard day, pregnancy-wise. I’m having a lot of menstrual-like cramping, back pain, and this odd (yet painful) pressure in my pelvic region. Also I have thrown up more than I care to. That’s always the fun part. Every time I think maybe I should call the doctor, I start feeling better. A couple hours later, I wonder again if I should call but then it gets better. So I guess I’ll just wait until tomorrow.

Ellie had MRSA a couple months ago, and now she has some sores that look pretty much the same as she had back then. The doctor-on-call (not my favorite doctor in the practice by any stretch of the imagination) said it needs to be looked at, but can wait until tomorrow. I didn’t figure it was a pressing emergency – but I did want to check in with the doc, just in case.

I had a fever for a couple days last week – which completely freaked out the home health company. I do not, however, think I have an infection with the PICC line, as they feared. I appear to have some sort of cold/upper respiratory infection. It’s good times – but I’m fine with that vs. a PICC infection. That would have sucked.

The triplets are definitely two year olds, with random tantrums galore. If it were just one of them, the tantrums wouldn’t seem so frequent, but there’s nearly always one of them in a snit about something. I feel badly for them, for I know it stems from their own frustration and lack of ability to communicate their needs. But I also enjoy nap time a lot. You know, on the days that they DO nap, that is.

J is “Star of the Week” next week for his class. Which means homework for me. I mean, technically it means homework for him, but let’s be real, okay? He gets to take home Rocky (the class stuffed animal – a dog) and take pictures of his activities with Rocky and document his adventures in a journal. And he gets to make an “All About J” poster. That is, I get to make it, just like I made it last year. Hopefully he’ll help more this year. Hah! No, I’m not doing his homework for him, per se, but the teacher and I both know that forcing him to do homework isn’t teaching him any good lessons and only frustrates us all. He doesn’t do weekly homework like the other kids in the class and a big project like this isn’t fun for him – it’s horrifying. He’s dyslexic and with his attention issues (he’s not well medicated in the evenings), this is too overwhelming for him. So he gets to help, but I do the lion’s share. Fun times.

Oh, and the last day of his “Star of the Week” week is the 100th day of school, so he has a 100 day project, too. Hooray!

I don’t understand cats. They sleep, like, 23 hours a day. How do they do that without getting muscle cramps?

That’s just about enough randomness for me.

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