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It's official, I'm setting up a new blog. Once I've got it all set up and pretty, I'll let you know the logistics of how to find it. I'm not going to leave a direct link here for how to find it, but I'll have Mel post the direct link in the Lost and Found. You can also email me directly for the link. If you're an anonymous lurker (one of my AWESOME ONES!) I hope you'll still email me for the link or find me over at Mel's. I love you guys and I don't want to lose you. I promise to lose your email address and forget who you are immediately… I've got so much else going on in my life, I wouldn't be able to remember anyway.

Anyway, I had two incidents happen recently (which had nothing to do with the anonymous commenting sh*tstorm of a couple days ago, though that didn't help matters) which just pushed things over the edge. I'd say what those incidents were, but it would just lead to hurt feelings and there's really no point in that, now is there.

In the meantime, here's some news:

Sam-man: He has a tooth. His opthalmology appointment went well – we'll keep an eye on it (no pun intended) and he'll go back in six months. He's seriously mobile, though he still can't sit up. It's not true crawling, but we're not far from that.

Ellie-bean: She is still toothless (thank HEAVENS…she bites me while nursing even WTHOUT teeth). She sits really nicely and is also seriously mobile – again, not true crawling, but that's not far away.

Abba-dabba: Still has two teeth. She is the least mobile, but not because she's not capable of it… just because she is more content to sit and play with a toy. She is starting to have some serious stranger anxiety, poor thing.

And that's it for now.

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