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A couple notes about my CD1 Post:

1.  I wasn’t assuming I wasn’t ovulating due solely to the fact that I’m nursing, though do bear in mind that this is not an unreasonable assumption, given that I’m providing milk for not one, but THREE babies.  Even though they are now getting a fair bit of solid food, and therefore taking far less milk, I’m still producing about 40+ ounces per day, I’d guess, which is more than enough to suppress ovulation.  Most women face issues with nursing not suppressing ovulation when their production dips as their babies start nursing less than full time.  That being said, I’m not relying on nursing being birth control.  My OB wasn’t saying that my periods were likely anovulatory because of the nursing; rather, he was saying they were likey anovulatory because I’ve almost never ovulated on my own in my entire life.  Why start now?

2.  I’ve taken OPK’s, and they’ve all been negative.  However, OPK’s are often unreliable for women with PCOS, so who knows whether that’s a useful data point?

3.  Someone suggested that my best bet might be to try and take advantage of this time for some natural babymaking.  It’s not for lack of trying, I’ll tell you that.  But even the months where all the stars were aligned and things have fallen into place for the timing to seem appropriate (based on when I assume ovulation would have happened IF it happened, even though I don’t have really reliable ways of telling for sure if it happened), not so much with the luck.

4.  I am in no way trying to prevent the babymaking from happening at this point (nor have I done anything to prevent it since the triplets were born), though I am not yet prepared to make a trip back to ye ol’ fertility clinic.  I expect to return sometime around when the triplets hit the one-year-adjusted mark.

5.  Finally, my original RE (whom I adored and would have stayed with forever, except she moved to an office much further away and much less convenient), had told me during my first (failed) pregnancy that I should expect some normal periods after I delivered, but that I would most certainly revert to my  anovulatory, irregular, unpredictable cycles after a several periods, so not to get too used to regularity.  This may be part of what she was talking about.  Admittedly, I had assumed that those regular, normal periods wouldn’t start until after I was done nursing, but apparently that part was optional. All I do know is that my body can’t figure out which way is up anymore and what it’s supposed to do.  That being said, my guess is that these normal, possibly ovulatory, periods won’t last forever.   And anyway, fat lot of good they’re doing.  Since anovulation wasn’t my *only* problem leading to fertility treatment, I don’t imagine it will make a whole huge difference in the long run, anyway.  I’m still betting on being back at the clinic in November or so and cycling in Jan/Feb-ish.

Edited to Add:
6.  You know, losing 70 pounds could also have something to do with the mysteriously appearing periods, though, again, you’d think that nursing triplets would give me the "get out of PMS free" card for at least a FEW months, right?  Anovulation wasn’t our only obstacle to me getting preggers, so this is unlikely to resolve my/our infertility issues all together, but it’s a nice thought.

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