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Wednesday night, Seth and I tried to go on a "date".  We haven’t been to a movie together since 2006,  before I got pregnant the first time, even, and it was high time.  So we kept trying to find a date to go, and we almost went two weeks ago, but ran out of time to make it happen (Seth was leaving for Texas the next morning and time was just too tight), so finally we said, "We don’t have the time to go, but we’re going."  Unfortunately, it turned out that the night that we’d set our foot (feet?) down and said "we’re going no matter what!" was also a night that Seth was on call with the hospital.  Dumb, dumb, dumb. 

Seth brought me flowers and everything.  It was going to be a real date night.  The babies were asleep when we left the house, and my mother stayed with Julian, so we were home free.  Except as we stepped out of the car in the parking garage, Seth’s pager went off.  Someone was calling out for the next morning’s shift.  Normally, he would have taken the next 20 minutes to find someone to cover the shift, but since he didn’t want to miss the beginning of the movie, he decided he would just cover the shift himself… an 0630 shift.  Ugh.  No big deal.  We were still out for our date night.  Life was good.

We got settled in to the movie, just in time for the previews (missed part of at least one, but that’s okay).  And we were enjoying the movie when Seth’s pager went off again about 35-45 minutes in.  Just as it was getting good.  A few minutes later, Seth popped back in  and said, "I’m sorry, there’s an actual emergency, I’m going to be a while," grabbed his back pack and walked back out.  An hour later, he returned in time for the last, oh, ten minutes of the movie.

A woman was being transferred to his hospital who was 32 weeks pregnant with active malaria and the pharmacy dept. didn’t have in stock the drug that the ID department wanted her to use that would be safest for the baby.  So he spent that hour trying to track down some of the drug to borrow from another hospital.  At least it was for a good cause.  Poor Seth… HE was the one who had picked out the movie! 

Ah well.  He apologized for ruining the evening.  Didn’t ruin MY evening.  After all, I got to see the whole movie! 

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